Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hello Hello - Random

It's been a while. I didn't have internet access for a few days (it felt like ages) and was busy busy. How are you all doing? Good I hope :-).

NLC starts their nation wide strike at midnight today and they don't plan on calling it off until the price of fuel is back to 65 naira per liter.

The NDS blog needs hosts for the friday series. Leave a comment there if you're interested in hosting.

Links to check out (if you've not already done so):
Blogville Idols
African Loft

A quote from last week that caught my eye:

"I thank you for your visits although I had actually wanted you to stay at home.
Well, you are the lucky ones. All those including Katsina that wanted to come
with a strong delegation to congratulate me, i told them to stay at home and do
your work, and allow me and my colleagues in Abuja to also do our work"

- Yar'Adua in response to a Kaduna state delegation of over 250 members that paid him a solidarity visit.

Can this help the situation in Darfur? This is the second time I'm actually reading about boycotting next years olympics for Darfur.

Song for the day: Africa Unite by Bob Marley.

Later people, and have a wonderful rest of the week!!


AbujaBabe said...

Hiya.. I am glad the NLC are puting on a national strike! at least it is a start. Nigerians do need to stand up for there rights it's the only way for things to move forward let the government know we will not take this!....The Nigerian attitude of suffering and smilling has to stop....
Plz can u visit my blog to read and sign the protest letter ( if u have not done so already) for the Nigerian boy who was killed whilst being deported back to Naija from spain!

AbujaBabe said...

Thanks hun :)


Ugo Daniels said...

So, can i ask if you like the strike action or yes?

ababoypart2 said...

African Loft is a great site

laspapi said...

hi nilla,
how's the spinning? I pray good comes out of this strike. Obasanjo over-reached himself with the fuel price increase.

Nigeria Politricks said...

Slow Umoru is yarning rubbish as per quote; what work is he doing? It's been 3 weeks now, since he was sworn in and this 'snail-like' so-called Nigeria president have not moved a muscle...not even to right the wrong of the back handed parting gift of fuel hike from his master OBJ.
The NLC strike should go all out!...We need to speak out more; take mass action, organize anti-government marches, protest rallies, paralyze the government; let our voices be heard, let the world know that we are being treated unjustly; we can only demand for better treatment by taking action!...Inaction is not an absence of action, merely an abdication of our responsibility to hold our leaders accountable!

BlogVille Idols said...

hey pple,the contestants have sung their rock songs...pls listen to them via our voice player and vote for ur favorite.and pls leave us a comment.tanx

Naija Vixen said...

Hey babes...glad you are okay,will host it next friday...if the spot hasnt been taken yet? The strike is getting brutal although drastic action lyk that may just work. Hav a great weekend x

Nilla said...

@ Abujababe
Thanx for the info.

@ Ugo Daniels
I did, but i was also thinking of those children in public schools that didn't go to school.

@ Ababoy
It is.

@ Laspapi
some good came of it :-)
I'm good and you.

@ Nigeria Politricks
It's only been less than a month since he got into office.

@ NV
Cool..it hasn't been taken.

Chxta said...

This one's for the NDS...

How're you doing?

Nilla said...

@ Chxta
Linked it :-)

I'm doing fine, and you?