Friday, July 20, 2007


Hello People,

How are you all doing? Fine I hope.

NYSC to cut down the number of graduates to serve this September, Read here. There have been protests against this, such as this one here.

I think everyone eligible to serve should do so. If there is not enough funding as claimed, maybe the time for service should be reduced from 1 year to 6 months, or better still to just 1 month of camp alone.

What do you think?

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tokunbo said...

I'm First

tokunbo said...

Yes, I saw the news too. Sorry to say that the Scheme is a total failure. It was glory at the beginning, now its all grass and rags. It is not achieving its intended purpose anymore. The FG is going to waste the time of over 52,000 young Nigerian graduates who wont go for the NYSC and who would be discriminated against(because they dont have an NYSC certificate) in the job market. Some of these might end up as armed robbers, considering they might have been cultists in school, or might have gone through harsh times. This is the definition of frustration. Imagine, after spending 7-8years to finish a 4/5years course, then you'll sit at home for 1-year because of the FG.

I did my NYSC some years ago and I thank God I got in the first time. I remember a lady that completely fainted when she was informed that her name was not in the list. She completely fainted as in FAINTED. It took about 5-6 bags of pure water and some serious slaps on her face and shaking to bring her back to reality. When she was revived, she burst into uncontrollable tears, pulled her hair and tore her clothes. i myself was shocked. She cried lamented that twas the third time her name would be excluded from the NYSC scheme.

Its just so unfortunate, the way I see it, that 1-year is a complete waste of time and talent. Forget the money, the 7,500, the government should forget the whole thing, scrap the programme and if you ask me, let the Gov. reinvest the NYSC budget back into the university system.

Our government officials who decide on such issues pertaining to one's life and future have their families tucked safely abroad, their children dont go through what Nigerian graduates are going through, so they(parents) dont know how it feels.

snazzy said...

I agree with you that everyone eligible to serve should be allowed to. The NYSC should also have announced it sooner. I mean they knew what that they could only take 100,000 this year and that meant they would not be able to fully accomodate batch b corpers, and the first people are hearing about it is when it's time for batch b to register!! That is bloody ridiculous, i mean they knew about this since registration ended for batch a in february, and they did nothing. They could have gotten the word out and mobilized additional funding for the program, but they didn't and so more than half the eligible students will have to wait until next Feb. Hopefully they would have sorted out the funding issue by then.

With regards to how to fix the national service year. I really believe that everyone should teach (with the exception of doctors i suppose). I mean the government builds proper hostels for the corpers in every local government, and busses them to the schools in that lga, and everybody should teach. I suppose saying this after i got a concessional posting is slightly hypocritical but it's one way to solve the teaching shortage in nigeria, and it's all about service right.

Oh and I suppose you should have to serve in a different geopolitical zone from the one you live in and also from the one you come from. Zamfara state anyone?

Boso said...

NYSC is a waste of time, and a waste of money. What's the point? It's just a waste of a year, it should be scrapped as soon as possible.

Who or what will decide who goes, and who doesn't go? So what happens to those that can't get in now? A year wasted where you can't even get a proper job because you haven't done NYSC. I agree with Tokunbo, take the NYSC money, and put it into the universities.

disgodkidd said...

NYSC? word...jhjhighu5itrhgnqeugrtuhru;ff!

classybabe said...

lol,I like that 1 month idea,i would go back for it sharp sharp.The 6 months one is not a bad shout though,because students are being delayed enough at the university as it is,and now they are expected to wait for X months for NYSC?!

Morountodun said...

Whoa! I thought the NYSC was a good idea. It offered graduates an opportunity for a paid placement in a different part of the country thus enablin us to bome more "Nigerian". Its saddening that the recent implementations of this policy are making it more of a problem...

Miss Opeke said...

Nice to finally read from you...I personally think people should just be employed immediately instead of doing service jare...

Veracity said...

I agree with you. I think it should be voluntary and only offered for a few months and reformed such that it could be a recruiting ground for the police or military forces.

Nilla said...

@ Tokunbo,
Reinvesting the NYSC money into the university system is a good idea too...but i don't think it should be totally scrapped sha.
If it's becoming a problem, they can just reduce the time or suspend it.
Sorry about the lady that fainted...totally undestandable, especially now that its such a big deal. I hope she finally got a chance to serve.

@ Snazzy,
I know about serving in a different geopolitical zone from the one your from, not about where you live (at least from the form i had to fill, when i went to register).

@ Boso
Who or what will decide who goes, and who doesn't go?
thats exactly the question so many people are expecting answers to.

@ DisGodkidd
LOL! i don't understand that word :-)

@ Classybabe
I like that idea too.

@ Moruntodun
I still think its a good idea too.

@ Miss Opeke
how you dey?

@ Veracity
If it's voluntary, i don't think people would go.

Oracle said...

Nigeria is always experiencing one problem or the other.

Vera Ezimora said...

Why r they cutting it down??

Nilla said...

@ Vera
Because they said they didn't have enough funding, but anyways they won't be cutting it down again according to this.

femme said...

this is another topic i feel strongly about.
after i graduated i had to wait one whole year waiting because the set ahead of me was so large they had to go in 2 batches.
it was the most frustrating time ever.
and i kept wondering about parents who had scrimped to send their children to schools and desperately need them to join the employment queues( and we know how long these can be)
the nysc programme is not only a waste of time its degrading and i dont see why we still have it-
its not like we are a police state.
i apprecite the concept of doing something for the nation but somebody needs to come back with a better plan what with people lobbying for where to serve some people earning miserly 5k and others up to and more than 10 times more. i guess life isnt fair.
the amount of money the government spends on the scheme though amazed me. it was the first time my country did something for me, but id rather they found a way to make education free or something.
i intend to make a lot of noise about getting rid of the nysc but have been warned because apparently some people somewhere make a lot of money from it.

Chxta said...

I don't think NYSC is a waste of time. I met my fiancée there, and she straightened my life out, a life which up until that point was on a rather dangerous bend. For that alone I am grateful to the scheme...