Friday, March 23, 2007

Let's talk NIGERIA (2)

Hello People,

This is part of the Nigeria Discussion Series.

We need to start getting rid of all the negativity and be more positive about Nigeria. I don't see how negativity is helping us.
We need to stop with some of the Why's, because if we continue with them, we'll keep passing blame around, and there is enough blame to go around and some extra as well. And I know it's weird to say that, since the first step to solving a problem is to identify it. But really I think we've been identifying the problems for a long while now. It would be sad if our children, and the children of our children end up having to deal with some of the same problems that we are facing now.
Hence we need to focus on the "How" and the "When". I just finished reading Dupe Olorunjo's "The Aireginan Dream" about 2 weeks ago, and I totally recommend that you all read it if you can. It not only highlights most of the problems facing Aireginan's (fictional people, but really they are Nigerians), but also shows what they did about it and how they did it. If you're interested in purchasing one you can find a link to that here. You can also read the first chapter here.
"How" is playing your own little part or big part in contributing in your own way. "When" should be now, but realistically it's only going to happen when we are serious.

Have a wonderful weekend/week!


bimbylads said...

nilla, im esctatic.. FIRST TIME ON UR BLOG.. AND FIRST TOO..
oya lemme go and read.. lol

bimbylads said...

wow.. SECOND TOO.. ( looking over shoulder.. )

Ok.. to be honest, i agree totally with your post. we nigerians have a general NEGATIVE air around us. We constantly run our country.. its not necessary. i think its down to this generation to put on the positive garments and make naija BETTER.. nna, me i wan return home quick jo!

mba5 said...

As long as we don’t mistake stating the obvious as being negative, why not, lets be positive about motherland.

Omodudu said...

Nice write up. So what is nilla going to do?

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you Nilla. That's the reason why I can't get through half of the Nigerian discussion series. I am soo tired of the negativity many Nigerians have towards Nigeria.

And sometimes people don't understand that by constantly proclaiming the evils and going as far as saying that Nigeria can't do any better, we are cursing our country. I sometimes have to take a while to reject all of the negative words said against Nigeria.

When I used to play softball, if you were making a fuss over an injury or a bad game or anything, the team mates would say : "suck it up princess!" In other words, put your game face on, gather your courage and fight!

Anyway sha, yesterday, I took a book and outlined my part in making Nigeria better. My Modus operandi (modes of operation) took over two pages to outline.

I believe Nigeria go betta, I have believed it since I was five and I will continue to believe it.

Anonymous said...

One last thing. I see it as a duty for Nigerians like us who are able to go abroad and get a better life or who are even well off in Nigeria to help other Nigerians and even sef Africans. We can't let white people do all of the philanthropy for us. That would be a shame on our part. We CAN help ourselves and SHOULD help ourselves.

And thats the end of my rant

Simply Gorgeous said...

You have allowed crazy Bimbylads on your site. The world will never be the same.

Nilla, I agree more patriotism is needed for Nigeria. We cannot expect other people to fix our problems we must go and fix it. Aferall, Nigeria is ours.

Anthony Arojojoye said...

Chuwkunilla abi Oluwanilla or NillaAbasi, how you dey?
It's been a while o. We dey fight?
And you also don't put up posts that regularly again. What's going on? Are you on Barak Obama's ministerial nominee list?

Nilla said...

@ Bimbylads
lol @ being 1st and 2nd.
Thanx for stopping by.

@ Omodudu
Read the book. Also I think I said something on Lala's post (the series that was on for last week :-))

@ Count sky
Yup, the power of the tongue...
Thanx for stopping by.

@ Anthony
All these
I already left a comment on your blog.

@ All
Yup we need to be more positive.

Donzman said...

Every generation thinks they're the one to make the biggest difference, youthful exuberance and wishful thinking. I believe a more realistic goal is to make a positive difference in the smallest of ways. It doesn't have to be the DIFFERENCE, all it has to be is a difference and we can go from there.

I think the first step is for all our intelligent men and women to stop serving corporations and other nations, come down and serve yours. Sometimes it bewilders me when people sit at a distance and wonder why the country is falling apart. Most of the brillant minds are out of the country serving some other country. The few left in the country have their intelligence snuffed out by old numbskulls.

Let's dedicate ourselves to serve Nigeria and not our personal selves.

p.s.: I'm just a preacher, I have no obligation to live by what I preach so do not come asking me what I'm doing to serve Nigeria. :)

Dupe said...

It was nice to have you stop by and leave a message on my blog and I am glad you enjoyed The Aireginan Dream.

A few years back I was fully on board the bandwagon of our nation’s grumblers and whiners. I had my dream for a better Nigeria but I had no idea of what we could do to achieve the rebirth we so greatly need. Then in Nov 2002, I was on holiday in London, when I heard someone say, “If we are not careful, we will accept the way our nation is and settle for less.”

And that is what many of us have done; we have settled for less. Some things in our country go from bad to worse, and without thinking we all quickly adapt to new levels of hopelessness.

My reason for this book is to do something rather than grumble; to create a picture of what can be and to change our mindset that nothing good can come out of Nigeria. Without a vision we cannot begin to work towards a solution.

And like Douzman said, there is a place for the big things like - full time politics but there is also a place for us all to make a positive difference wherever we are.

Dreams do come true!

snazzy said...

I agree with the sentiment, but just like negativity can be taken to excess so can positivity. It does no good to be in a "let them eat cake" situation. Knowing the "why's" are useful only if they help to get to the "how" and the "when" otherwise as you said it is just a blame game. Short and sweet.

Normally my need to do cliches would have made me say "just like you" but since you may be 6 foot, I could be wrong. So I thank you for saving me from an unnecessary cliche.

Chude! said...

This is some great work, Nilla. I always admire people who can combine the serious with the fluffy; and the discussion series is a really sound idea.

Well done!

Naija Vixen said...

great writeup babes...nuffin to disagree about...hav a great day babes!

laspapi said...

Thank you, mba 5. My exact sentiments.

omohemi Benson said...

True talk o! my sister,you hit the nail on the head.

I hope all Nigerians heed the call.

Nilla said...

@ Donzman
lol @ being just a preacher.

@ Dupe
You're welcome

@ Snazzy
But can taking positivity to an excess be a bad thing?
lol @ the cliche thing and me, maybe being 6' :-)

@ Chude
Thanx :-)

@ Naija Vixen
Thanx too!

@ Laspapi
I understand :)

@ Omohemi
Thanx for stopping by.

Vera Ezimora said...

I heard about the book b4. Aireginan is really Nigeria spelt backwards (without the an @ the end). I'll check it out.