Monday, March 5, 2007

Salad weekend

Hello People,

How was your weekend?

I got to do some of the things I planned on doing (no more slacking :-)).
I even got to eat some salad, trying to keep to my new year resolution. It tasted good enough, for me not to feel like I was being punished to eat I think I could make it a weekend affair, to compensate for some of the junk food I eat during the week.

Hopefully next time, it'll have cucumbers and tomatoes in it, but I really need to invest in an egg slicer :-)
I've been listening to Celine Dion all weekend, and its only fair that I share with you, hence I'm leaving you with "Falling into you".

Have a wonderful week!!!


azuka said...

Haven't eaten any salad since I came over, except chicken salad sanwich counts. Does it?

Blublood said...

I love salad!!!

I always have believed that anything in moderation is ok and anything is excess is bad...

Jaycee said...

Now I'm inspired to try and make SALADS a weekly affair...sounds pretty good to moi...

~Have a blessed awesome day DUDE~

Omodudu said...

Nice looking.

Bella Naija said...

Ohhhhh I just wrote this long reply freakin blogger ate it up!

anyways the salad looks good and I usually hate anything veggie related...

have a great week nilla...ciao

Nilla said...

@ Azuka
lol....I guess it counts just a little bit.

@ Blublood
Lucky you.
Moderation is ok, but sometimes I don't do moderation, hence the need for me to eat more salad.

@ Jaycee
You better Missy! LOL
Who are you calling DUDE? huh?

@ Omodudu

@ Bella Naija
Pele oh!
Blogger has just been misbehaving a lot of late.
I normally don't like fresh veggies, but this time I tried to make it with things I like.
Have a wonderful week too!

Marin said...

I started to eat salads on a daily basis since I started my current job- there is a salad bar at our canteen. I must say, I feel much lighter and all the tummy ache problems that have plagued me for years have vanished.

Elle Woods said...

huh...that looks like fried rice.....but do need an egg slicer cos i can see huge chunks of

Naijadude said...

Sal-kinyen? Talking of which, seems like it has been awhile since I had some, now thanks for drawing my attention.

How have you been? - I have been great :D

Have a great week

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh you dont know what celine dion does for me... that womans voice soothes my soul... i know almost every song she sang before 2002... Falling into you is a beautiful song.. oh and thanks for showing me how to do the youtube thing... ur instructions were quite easy to follow.. i appreciate it mami

Omodudu said...

Collapsible thing...

Nilla said...

@ Marin
I normally don't like eating salads outside, because most times they have some things in it that I don't like.
I'll have cole slaw though.

@ Elle Woods
Looks like fried rice cos it has some of the things you'll put in fried rice, except the eggs and cabbages.
lol @ huge chunks of eggs.

@ Naijadude
"..Sal-kinyen.." You berra go eat some healthy
Have a great week too

You're welcome.

@ Omodudu
Thanx for the link will check it out later.

Vera Ezimora said...

the salad in my former college was da bomb!!!

I haven't eaten any salad dat good since then. good luck sha. And yea girl, invest in an egg slicer... I mean, dang!!

Nilla said...

@ Vera
I will, I will. I never really needed one before.

Marin said...

The good thing about the salad bar at work is that the ingredients are placed separately, so you can mix them like you want.

SET said...

I love Celine Dion she is one of fav artists ever