Thursday, April 5, 2007

Bye bye USA, Welcome Nigeria

Yeah, you read right!
I was MIA because I was busy planning, packing, etc. My plans changed and i decided to leave months earlier than I had planned.

Jaycee talked about a miracle....Well my miracle is that I'm alive, but I'm a little scared of flying now. The main Portharcourt (ph) airport is still not functioning/open, so I had to fly from Lagos to the airforce base in ph. And of course the aircraft was a small one since the airport is a small one too. The weather was very bad and the turbulence was something else. It was so bad that more than half the people in the plane where praying at the top of their voices and the Pilot told us we were going to have to land in Calabar (Which I'm glad we didn't, cos it would have made my already long journey longer. I flew direct to Lagos from New York cos i didn't want to go through the trouble of getting a transit visa), and they'd arrange for us to get to portharcourt by bus or something.

Since I'm now a little bit scared of flying, i don't know how i'm going to convinve myself to get on a plane and go to Abuja to do my NYSC posting thing. I plan on going with my sister and she's not doing any road trip with moi.

I'm excited to be home after nearly 5 years, but NEPA/PHCN is really showing me pepper, plus the heat is just

There won't be a Nigeria Discussion Series tomorrow because it's Easter.

HAPPY EASTER everyone!!


azuka said...

Adodie, Nilla.

You didn't tell us! Now wait until me and Nyemoni make a list of places in PH we'd like pictures of ;-).

Is the airport that bad? I'm glad you made it oh!

Jola Naibi said...

Thank God for journey mercies...glad to hear you made it home in one piece... I have been wondering what had happened to you. Make sure you get seriously pampered over there

Simply Gorgeous said...

Wait for me in Abuja... Can you wait 2 months. I am also scared of flying. I normally don't sleep for three night straight.. Have you tried Valium? (smile)

I hope you have a safe flight Nilla.

The results are in. Come and see who made it to the next level!

Cheetarah said...

Im green with envy! Nigeria! Just stumbled on ur blog!
Have a safe trip and enjoy NYSC,wereva u end up,My NYSC was a pardoxical adventure, but I still have fond memories,
Happy easter!


Worreva menh! You played a trick on us; you never told us you will be jetting to never never Naija land. Now our discussion series is in limbo... You berra be updating us on the state of affairs in Nigeria. Anywayz, we already know...flight to PH was horrible! So much 4 Naija stories...enjoy your visit!

Anonymous said...

happy easter goreous

Naija Vixen said...

awww did u manage to keep this quiet?i get sha...we dont want them "peeps" to attack plane oh...God forbid...glad u landed okay....and guudluck with NYSC and everything else...update regularly oh!

Anthony Arojojoye said...

Welcome to the most blessed place in the whole wide world.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

aaahhh nilla...we're in the same time zone.... flying in nigeria is quite scary...but we commit ur trip into God's hands. Be at peace...

wow...after five years...thats certainly a long time...iknow everything looks different... well have fun sha... im thinking of making my way there next week... we'll see

DiAmOnD hawk said...

....i just have to be number 10... i cant find the number sign on this british keyboard o... SOMEBODY HELP

SET said...

Good for you, have fun out there. Sorry about the heat, hopefully the excitement will eliminate the heat. It is hard when you first arrive tho, i can relate

mack said...


she first me reach!! Don't worry I dey come.

you go girl.

Elle Woods said...

atleast urs is 5 yrs...havent been there since 99...i miss that place sha.i miss NEPA taking light...i miss beign able to scream UP NEPA!

Kafo said...

my God be with u oooo
wow i would be mad scared

Dimples said...

Have so much fun and please blog regularly o!!..
Since u are in the midst of it all...i shall not only pass through but drop comments now.

Don't 4get to fill us in on all the NYSC happenings...looking to do mine sometime this o

Enjoy sha

9ja Opeke said...

Thank God for taking you safely there...and praying God blesses all your future plans in Naija especially as you prepare for your NYSC...Just try to enjoy every moment of your stay there...remember it is not Yankee so don't try to compare it...but remember it is one place where you may have nothing but you have God and so much joy all around you.

curvyice said...

nilla i have been cracking up from ur description of ur journey and ur fear of flying. well i am happy u got home safe and i am still wiating for a call. thanx for everything sha(u know what).

laspapi said...

welcome home, nilla.

The journey begins.

Dami said...

wow you're in naija!! nice nice

Nilla said...

@ Azuka
I’m not sure you want to see pictures of Port Harcourt… least not the majority of the parts I’ve been to. It looks worse than it was before.

@ Jola Naibi
I will and I am :-)

@ Simply Gorgeous
If I’m still there, I’ll let you know. I think I’ll pass on the valium…

@ Nigeria Politricks
Come and explain the trick I played oh!
I’ll try not to put the series in limbo.

How are you?

@ Naija Vixen
You know ;-)

@ Anthony, SET, Cheetarah & Laspapi
Thanxx :-)

@ Diamond
Yup it is. So you’ve been travelling too :-)

@ Elle Woods
I’m not sure you really want to shout UP NEPA!. With their new name PHCN (Power Holding………), they are really holding power….lol.

@ Kafo

@ Mack

@ 9ja Opeke
Thanx for the advice :-). It’s been a while, how you dey?

@ Curvyice
It’s funny now, it wasn’t funny then.

@ Dimples
I’ll try to blog as often as I can. If your planning on doing yours this year, it’s possible we’ll be doing NYSC around the same time.

@ Dami
Yes, I am.