Monday, April 23, 2007


...PDP rejoices as Yar’adua is named winner of the Presidential elections, I miss high speed internet and ponder on whether we shouldn't be focusing on making sure for the next 4 years the new leaders do what they said they will do during their campaign.

Have a wonderful week!


azuka said...

Nah. For the people in power now, it's time to 'forget the mugus and begin to divide the national cake' or in the words of Zebrudayah 'it's time to chopulate.'

The Last King Of Scotland said...

lets hope and pray so, Nigeria has so much potential, pray it fulfills it someday.

Anthony Arojojoye said...

Why not try Starcomms? They seem to be everywhere.
So you are still talking about that Wuruwuru-to-the-answer that was done last week?
Obasanjo has already started saying it stylishly - "suck it up and let's get on with life".

ijeoma obu iheoma said...

NO politican can ever do what they promise. Not necessarily for lack of will but.. there are unforseen powers that are always there to thwart progress


OBJ and Y'ardua are the same 'ole same ole' crooks. We are still in darkness with this fake azz politricks. Shame on Nigeria!

Nilla said...

@ Azuka,
lol....It's not going to be that way :-)

Thanks for stopping by.

@ Anthony
I'm using starcomms.....maybe I'm online when everyone else is online or something.

@ Ijeoma
Can't they even do half of what they promise?
Thanks for stopping by.

@ Nigeria Politricks
Time will tell whether or not....It's not like we had a lot of good options to start with.

Anonymous said...

hmn, hopefully they deliver this time as said but honestly i'v sorta given up on these so called 'saviours', if only they could do these things, we'l do so well with all our potentials(we'v got a lot)!

ababoypart2 said...

I wouldnt hold out on this one...Just cant see how anyone who dishonestly puts himself in office will offer honesty to the people he disregarded in the first place.

curvyice said...

i feel u lady,my heart weeps for that country of ours i hope the next four years see better cahnges than we have seen in the last 16 years or there about.

9ja Opeke said...

I am not surprise that he is President and that PDP won again...there are somethings that are so obvious...everything has been determined from the day Uncle Sege became Presido... how are you doing? I hope you are getting use to Naija life again? Well, just continue to take care...and let's know about your adventures there...


What y'all fail to realize is that OBJ has a God-complex of sirts. I personally think he feels it is fine to do whatever it takes to win because only he can 'save' Nigeria.

Nilla, take it easy, I read on Naija Blog that Naija owes the satellite Gods about 4 million. So, if you think internet is slow now, hope and pray it doesn't go down completely if NITEL doesn't pay up. lol!

Vera Ezimora said...

I know nothing of Naija politics, so tell me, do we like Yar'Adua?

dairy of a G said...

NO politican can ever do what they promise. Not necessarily for lack of will but.. there are unforseen powers that are always there to thwart progress

Nilla said...

@ Chicala
Yeah we do. Thanx for stopping by.

@ AbaboyPart2
I don't know what to say about that....but how sure are you that the other top 3 candidates weren't dishonest too.

@ Curvyice
How you dey?

@ 9ja Opeke
I'm fine. I'll try to update as much as possible.

@ Solomonsydelle
RE: Internet
It better not oh!

@ Vera
We'll have to wait and see. The problem I have with him is sharia law.

@ Diary of a G
lol @ echoing chicala.
Thanx for stopping by.

chidi said...

the elected leaders won't do what they promised obviously. all they would do is line their pockets with nigerian oil money

laspapi said...

wb nilla. Nigerian politics is an undecipherable mish-mash.