Saturday, August 11, 2007

Happenings in PH

Picture above was taken on thursday in Woji (NB. closed stores and combat vehicle in background)

It's much safer now, but you can read more about the recent happenings here.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Mineexclusively said...

Hey girl. I hope all is well with you o. Was worried about you, cos of all the shootings in PH.

Send me a mail and leave your number or leave me an offline message.

Miss you o.

azuka said...

Whew, this is the city I'm going back to this December.

Are those Dey-Well and Dey-Bam idiots still active?

Naija Vixen said...

Glad you are okay,heard about the happenings...a friend's father was kidnapped too...stay safe oh.


hmmm, just stay safe my sister!

DiAmOnD hawk said...

thank God all is well w/you!

Chxta said...

The army has been brought in, so there will be peace. Glad to know the you are safe.

Jaja said...

Its not an easy something oo.. Elekahia estate where am at now... it s really strange how this city is becoming. dont know what to say..
so are we having a passing out party for u ? Nilla..

Anonymous said...

am really tired of people talkin about port hARCOURT WAHALA CUS NOBODY IS DOIN ANYTIN 2 help the situation. i think we can do somtin, even if its to hav a 100,000 man match or somtin showin we r not gonna be just afriad and quite. really think we can talk about this constructively wit solutions in mind

Anonymous said...

hey just wanna say that the guys on ur blog are interesting patriotic nigerians, impressive!!

Nilla said...

@ Mineexclusively
I'll leave you an offline (I'm guessing i know who you are :-))

@ Azuka
Hmmm...It's, there are shootings again.

@ NV
Longest time...How are you?

@ Solomonsydelle
I will

@ DH
Thank God

@ Chxta
There are still some shootings going on today.

@ Jaja
I'm starting service in September (with you!)...I didn't just finish.
Was at the POP on tuesday. Where you there?

@ Anon 1
Well...not sure i see a 100,000 man match happening soon (unless things get very very very out of control).

@ Anon 2
that's a good thing, so thanks.

curvyice said...

hey girl, na wa oh, our ph done turn into something far na? abeg make GOD intervene do something abt this craziness oh......

Hot Sports said...

how about the incidents in Jos? we need to be closer to our creator ooo!!

Emy said...

Lagos is beautiful. Aside the terrible traffic situation, everything else is near perfect

Himanshu Veerwal said...

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