Wednesday, August 8, 2007

In Pictures (3)

Minna, Niger State

So, I went to Minna to see a friend of mine that's serving (NYSC) in Niger State some weeks back. Only stayed there 1 night, so I didn't have enough time to remember i didn't take enough pictures (in Minna). Anyways, I like that first picture because of the grass in the gutter {Me thinks it looks much better than the spirogyra in the gutters in the South :-)).

Suleja, Niger State

Random picture

Zuma rock

Zuma rock: A closer view


Chxta said...

I've always wondered, and still do, where all the sky scrapers and solar powered street lights and eight lane super highways that people talk about so often in the Southern part of the country are...

Nilla said...

There are solar powered street lights in some parts of Port Harcourt.

8 Lane super highways where? Do you mean 8 lane in one direction?

ababoypart2 said...

I served in Niger State many moons ago. Orientation in Bida, Served in Kpaki, passed out in Suleja. At the time I couldnt think of a worse place on God's green earth than Niger State. Your pics somewhat change that view. At the time, the place was a pit!

wienna said...

Dat was where my mum came from until they changed it to Kogi State. Heard a lot of developments r going on there now.

Vera Ezimora said...

this gal, u dey enjoy o!!

Jaycee said...

awwww....I remember passing Suma rock on one of those geography excursions in high school...

Anonymous said...

i tink the pictures are lovely and things in the niger delta region wont change til their roads start looking like the pics

Anonymous said...

i wud like 2 know why u can go this far 2 expose naija though its not offering u much

Nilla said...

@ Ababoy
I like the rocks they have there.

@ Wienna
cool..i did take a picture in Kogi.

@ Vera
yes :-)

@ Jaycee
The excursions i can remember from school were mostly to factories, and fish ponds :-)

@ Anon 1
thanks...I think the Niger delta region needs development too, and jobs for the idle youths...there are lots of idle people.

@ Anon 2
Not sure if you're the same as Anon 1.
I'm also not really sure about your question.

Mineexclusively said...

Minna. Hmm, spent four years there. Not a bad place. I think in my 100level, them no take light more than ten times. Nice place. Good roads, water and all. Peaceful then. Now, cultists dey kill themselves. Awon omo oshi.

AbujaBabe said...

Hey yah see Suleja oh!
Can you see the face in Zuma rock?? i can never really figure it out sometimes i see it some times i

Loving the pics..

Ciao Ciao..xx