Thursday, May 31, 2007

In Pictures (1)

Port Harcourt City

On a day Aba road was completely blocked and people walking were even moving faster than those on okada.

Guys & Girls forgive me, for I can't remember whether this is Rumuokwuta or Rumuokoro. I know it was on my way to Choba sha.

Rumuola [Don't you think we shouldn't put up posters if we won't take them down :-(]
Now, this is when you want to be on Aba road (When it's FREE)

Aba road of the few places people actually obey traffic signs.

Trans Amadi

Slaughter market

Slaughter River (Don't know if that's the official name of the

The taxi I was in, was so not on it's right

Aba Road @ Rumuola junction....You so do not want your car breaking down here when it rains.
Special thanx to Azuka, for the help in uploading the pics.


imnakoya said...

It must be tough adjust to Naija. The city hasn't changed much it appears; I was in and out of PH during 1997-98. I'm sure there are some really nice areas - the GRA's, beach etc. Thanks for sharing.

Naija Vixen said...

Yeah!!!I see pics...let me go look properly!

Naija Vixen said...

Lol @ Slaughter River...Trans Amadi looks the same...and seeing the flooded road brought bak memories...ever state....knee deep in brown babes!

Omodudu said...

Rumukrushi (sp?) lol. My cousins used to live there. Now you are doing your job.


oooh, thanks for the pics. I used to spen a lot oof time in Port when I was young (have family in Abonima). Boy, you are right about Junction rd with the water. If your moto break down then you are screwed.

Nice pics!

Ugo Daniels said...

Kai, naija. My beariful, sweet country. When shall it become for us eh?

Actually, been long i saw potholes! I dread going back to 9ja..

lala said...

Girl after my own heart! I will be moving to naija at the end of this year. I will be living in PH too. Maybe we can go out to dinner or something. Best wishes

Veracity said...

Great Pix. I was last in PH in 2001. It's a shame to see the dilapidation the "Garden City" has become. The epithet no longer befits the city. It is more like Slum City, if anything!!!

Donzman said...

Oddly enough, I've NEVER been to Port Harcourt.

I'm thinking, if the Government decides to reduce(Note not stop) looting and start maintaining roads they've built, wouldn't that help the employment situation?

Nigeria Politricks said...

I loved PH and my visits there have alays been eventful...but this is not the Garden City we used to know. Sad to see our nation's cities turning into wastelands!

Simply Gorgeous said...

Nilla this is why I love you. Thanks so much for posting the pictures. I love seeing pictures of Nigeria seeing that I am homesick...

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with SG jare, i havnt seen potholes in a while so it makes me homesick, lol.

In btw, that bowl of icecream is soooo tempting, lol.

nice blog, i like blogs like this that represent.

exschoolnerd said... about ur cab driver not being on the right typical of them....njoyed the pictures...

am good sweets...and am guessing u are too.are u in ph permanently or just for a while?

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh it seems so different from the port harcourt i left years ago... or maybe i was just seriously in another world... but i remember rumuola.. you sabi d-line? thats where i used to live.. and went to school near mile one.. dang this is just bringing me memories...

Jaja said...

Thanks for stopping by. Nice pics. I recongnised every freaking spot!

Lunch then?
Si tu veux??

mack said...

daaang-- pics're givvin' me shivers. I used to be part of that.

Nyemoni said...

Awww, Nilla! Pictures from my home state! Touching! *sniff* Thanks for sharing...makes me remember how much PH has changed since I left... I do believe the River behind the slaughter is called Ntawaoba(sp)River, but I stand to be corrected...

Enjoy PH Nilla!

Nilla said...

@ Imnakoya
Yup, it is.

@ NV
You're welcome

@ Omodudu

@ SS
And guess what...a lorry broke fell on its side today

@ Ugo
Thanx for stopping by.

@ Lala
Sure :-)

@ Veracity
I's no longer the garden city :-(

@ Donzman
It would help the unemployment situation...would they pay the workers (and on time)?

@ NP
Yup, it's so not the garden city.

@ SG
Pele about being know you'll be there soon :-)

@ Chicala
You can have some virtual ice cream if you bowl never gets empty.

@ Exschoolnerd
I don't know if I'll be in PH permanently.

before nko, how i no go sabi D-line :-) (thinking to self.....I'm sure I remember where that But I know mile 1 for sure.

@ Jaja
Oui, quand?

@ Mack

@ Nyemoni
At least i know the name of the river now :-)
You're welcome!
Thanx for stopping by.

catwalq said...

Nice. When I am in port harcourt I go to the Temple of Eck in Rumuigbo.
Odili has really allowed that city to fall apart. Shame, cos now instead of having two garden cities (PH and Calabar) we only have Calabar.

Ugo Daniels said...

So, when are we getting da part 2 pics or do you want me to send in da blog police to get it from you by fire by fire! ;)

Anonymous said...

lol actually i know rumola.. hehe(feeling like a geographer right now...

Anonymous said...

i was doing serious brain searching thinkin about rumuola oh... i remember the junction.. hehe.yeah you probably know d-line... thats where all the nice ph girls used to stay(dang now you're making me remember one fine bow-legged boy who used to live on my street man.. that time i didn't even have breasts oh(if not.. i'm sure the boy would've noticed me.. hehe

Porter deHarqourt said...

really telling pictures. those of us who live in Ph and have to commute daily through it's ever worsening roads know it's just a matter of time before there's an actual meltdown

still love the city though, She's nurtured me. how we go do?

Naija Vixen said...

babes...whassup? you alryt? just checking on you.

Nilla said...

@ Catwalq
Yeah, we could have had 2 garden cities...
Thanx for stopping by.

@ Ugo
The pics will come...when? I can't say for sure...someday sha. I always have problems uploading them.

"..that time i didn't even have breasts oh(if not.. i'm sure the boy would've noticed me.. hehe .."
LOL, probably true.

@ Porter deharqourt
I know..she's nurtured me too.
Thanx for stopping by.

@ NV
Thanx for stopping by dear, i'm fine.

wienna said...

And here was i thinking u're based in yankee or jand.

wienna said...

If anyone wants to see potholes, make u come jand. Dem don dey appear here too now.

beautyinbaltimore said...

Thank you for these pictures.