Monday, May 21, 2007

So how is Naija?

I don’t know where to start from?!?!

Ok, I’ll start with the mosquitoes. They just felt they had to welcome me in every city/state that I stepped foot in. Lucky for me, now they don’t even bite again :-). I guess either they now see me as old blood, or they think I’ve gotten the message on taking malareich and amala (Malaria drugs) constantly/ it used to be fansidar or metakalfen before oh!

I think the population in Port Harcourt (PH) has doubled in the past 5 years. Traffic is crazy most of the time [We need more roads in PH]. It's been over a month now, and I haven't summoned up the courage yet to start driving because almost everyone drives crazy - The big lorries hardly ever stop (they just keep blowing their horns and bullying smaller cars out of the lanes they are in or completely off the, the other motorists drive with rage, and well, our okada people are the worst out of the lot. Rough as they (okada) are, I sometimes prefer moving around with them, rather than spend 2+ hours in traffic, even though my sister keeps warning me not to use them at all {I hear, I hear :-)}. And to take a drop in PH, those taxi drivers think we are all oil workers :-(, or they size you up and name ridiculous prices.

But seriously with the way most Nigerians drive, don't you think we should be doing some extreme sports....LOL.

As for PHCN they are still holding POWER at least 70% of the time. I hear we are still waiting for the completion of the gas turbine in our area - ok oh! Meanwhile the power supply in the village (at least my village) is more constant.

Ok People, I have to stop here for now. Will do a picture post next time.

I leave you with "Obodo" by RAW featuring Klint the drunk. Just heard the song this week and I'm loving it.

I'm also loving "Kolomental" by Faze.

Have a wonderful week!


azuka said...

Welcome back Nilla. Na wa for PH oh!

You owe me some pics ;-).

Omodudu said...

this is what i expected from you. the undiluted nija gists. Whoelse do you think was giving your discussion series some props on AltNigeria.

Dozman said...

Well maybe you're lucky with themosquitoes but they bit the life out of me when I was in Nigeria. To be honest, I didn't feel the bites but I always saw the lumps mosquito bites produce the day after. I'm surprised I didn't get malaria after all that, I thank God.

So Nilla you're a corper now?...I read somewhere you're just 18, weird. Well, I'm still contemplating as to whether I should go back for the NYSC. It will probably rest on where I get posted to. Wait a minute, can I do the NYSC after graduate school and are the postings relevant to your career?

P.S.: Yo girl, get rid of this WORD VERIFICATION feature. It's annoying having to re-enter it after spending 2 minutes typing out stuffs.

laspapi said...

Again, welcome home, nilla.The mosquitoes recognize you as one of ours.
Now keep your eyes open. This is Nigeria.

ababoypart2 said...

"The mosquitoes recognize you as one of ours"

Nice one, hope you are having fun. Love the vids...

9ja Opeke said...

I think they (mosquitoes) discover another group of returnees that just landed the Naija shores.
Just be careful with those flies (Okada) because it is not all of them that are experienced...Don't you get it? PHCN is telling you to move back to your village because cities are getting too overcrowded. Anyways sha...I am looking forward to reading more gist about your adventure back home.
Don't do too much JJC oh!

Anonymous said...

i love that obodo song...over the xmas mosquitoes dealt wit me o

Naijadude said...

ah! Yeah now this is the undiluted naija gist I want to hear! How are you holding up ?

Nilla said...

@ Azuka
I remember, and you'll get them :-)

@ Omodudu
lol @ undiluted gist.
Thanx for the props...didn't know.

@ Donzman
I didn't feel some of the bites, but some I did...and then the itching :-(.
I'm not 18 oh!! I think you read that in c0dec's comment somewhere on this blog.
And it's not corper time yet for will be in September.
I know the NYSC set passing out in August could choose where they wanted. I'll let you know if I get where I want. you can do it after grad school, but to register as a foreign graduate you need to have gotten your bachelors degree outside as well(I think).
I'm not sure whether the postings are relevant to your career. I know there are some careers/degree that always attract posting to a school
:-). You can also apply to some companies to serve with them.

@ Laspapi
I'm keeping my eyes open more now.....there are some 419 taxi's too.

@ Ababoypart2
I am :-)

@ 9ja Opeke
Ok, I get PHCN's message
There's more gist....if only i can be writing them as they happen :-(

@ Pink-satin
I love it too...especially the faster version.
Thanx for stopping by.

@ Naijadude
I'm holding up good! You too, you want undiluted gist :-)

Naija Vixen said...

You didnt alert me oh Nilla!!! malareich?watever happened 2 fansidar?i swear i still hav a pack sumwhere I cant blive PH is becoming mad populated,they shuldnt spoil that town oh!!!

Simply Gorgeous said...

I am so jealous Nilla. At least you are there in Nigeria...

LOl. at the mosquitoes. Do you believe I was taking malaria medication even resorted to boiling neem leaves and still came down with malaria....unbelievable!

Drivers in Nigeria think it is their right to be on the road...Woe to any pedestrian or animal..

I saw this man maul down a child and had the nerve to scream at the child and say you didn't move fast enough didn't you hear me honking my horn? Idiot...


Ol' girl, sofly sofly with those okadas oh....

Nilla said...

@ SG
What do neem leaves look like?
Maybe you should have taken a double dose of it :-)
The way drivers (especially bus and taxi drivers) throw insults on pedestrians is something else.

@ Solomonsydelle
lol...I will.

Jola Naibi said...

I went straight to the videos before I read your post and wanted to say that I love that Obodo song...I only just discovered Klint de Drunk and I think he is hilarious.

Thanks for keeping it real in Nigeria jare...although still be careful. I am always irritated with folks who leave to go home after spending time abroad and start saying they need a car and driver to ride around as if those who are taking cabs, danfos and okadas are children of a lesser god. Thanks for sharing...stay safe