Friday, May 4, 2007

NYSC info

Registration for foreign graduates begins July 1st and ends August 14th for the September Batch.

What to take with you:
* International passport (original and photocopies of 1st 3 pages including the page showing your arrival & departure)
* Degree(s) (Original and photocopies)
* Age declaration or birth certificate (Original and photocopies)
* WAEC/GCE (Orginal and photocopies)
* School ID
* 3 passport photographs

Don’t know if I missed out anything, but you might want to take your transcript as well and also make photcopies of the picture page of your passport. And you have to register in Abuja.

RE: Nigeria Discussion Series (NDS)

I'm thinking we should have a NDS blog just for linking posts with people in different time zones as team members linking, because I'm not online as often as before and would not want to put the series in limbo like Nigeria Politricks said :-)

All the team member has to do is log in to the NDS blog on fridays and put up a link to the post for that day if another team member has not already linked it.

What do you guys think?

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Naija Vixen said...


Naija Vixen said...

The NDS blog is a great idea and to think that very soon we'll be calling you "Corper Nilla"...guudluck babes and have a great weekend.

snazzy said...

the NDS blog thing sounds like a good idea.

apparently the igbo woman is being stricter about the deadlines for regristration in abuja so u want to try and make it before the 14th.

The birth certificate thing has to be a new requirement one cos I did not need it. You would think a passport would satisfy, but then again this is naij.

The school id thing can be tricky especially if u graduated from uni a long time before u did nysc. Though luckily for me I was a pack rat and kept mine. If u have misplaced yours, it is likely that u will have to beg, though I think they should gree for that one.

The transcript was required when I did mine, and a couple of days of phoning and faxing my uni while in abuja wasn't that much fun. So i would take the transcript definitely.

The foreign grad thing only applies to Bachelor's degrees and not master's so don't waste ur time going to abuja if u don't have a foreign bachelor's.

Aiight I'm done.


Corper Nilla! Yes, an NDS blog definitely makes sense and will take some pressure off you. I will need to send you a message. I have an idea for May 29th I wanted to discuss with you.

Take care and have a great weekend!

Nilla said...

@ Naija Vixen, Snazzy & Solomonsydelle

Since you're the first 3 and on different time zones, do you want to be team members? ;-)

@ Naija Vixen

@ Snazzy
thanx for the additional info.
I guess those without a foreign bachelor's will have to contact their school in Naija much earlier to make sure their school includes their name in the list to be sent to the NYSC people.

@ Solomonsydelle
I'll be expecting your message then.

tokunbo said...

The NDS blog is a good idea, but another idea, i suppose, rather than having a lotta people in diff timezones, how many timezones are there anyway - this might be an alternative. I believe blogspot allows (email to blog/post), as in you can just add the email addr of the NDS poster to the list of members allowed to email to the blog, so that when the d-day comes, all he/she has to do is email his/her NDS post/the link to the post to the blog.

At your own time, you can disable/enable email access

When I did NYSC, they asked for my High-school certificate, so if you didnt complete high-school in Nija, you might want to bring that along too. And I hope this rule still stands: that foreign graduates are allowed to serve in the state of their choice. If you've not been in Nija for a long time, to be thrown to Jalingo worse than frying pan into fire. And please get ready for mosquito bite coz by the time nysc-mosqui's feast on JJC skin, O boy, that shaking wont be easy.

c0dec said...

corper? i thought you were 18. no offence

Donzman said...

I'm actually not considering going for NYSC,I feel I should go but honestly it's nothing other than 1 year wasted for me. Good luck with those who are going though, tell me how it was.


Hey Nilla,

You can add me as a member. Hope your 'Ajuwayah' experience will be worthwhile. Thinking about NYSC just gives me flashback...Goodluck!

The Last King Of Scotland said...

God bless u. me thinks i will be there for the september batch.

Kafo said...

i needed this info for a friend considering youth call.

Do you have the registration dates for the FEB. batch


pamilerin said...

nilla,do you know if there are 3 batches this year?How true is the june batch thing?Need you to reply if you have any info on the june batch thing

Nilla said...

@ Tokunbo
I'm thinking the time zones with many Nigerians....Nigeria, US and UK. And also 1 person from each time zone (2 sha for the Nigeria time zone, since every thing here is so
Not 100% sure if we still get to pick where we want to serve.
As for the mosquitoes, me thinks they are everywhere :-)

@ c0dec
18???? where did you get that from :-)
No offence taken.

@ donzman
If you dont do NYSC, i wonder how you'll work (well @ least get a good job). Unless you plan on having your own business, or you dont plan on coming back.

@ Nigeria Politricks
What's Ajuwayah?
I'll add you when I start the blog.

who knows, we might end up in the same state :-)

@ Kafo
I don't know about February batch. When I'm going to register, I'll find out if they have that schedule out already.

@ Pamilerin
There is no June batch. I was hoping there was, so I can do the June one.

ijebuman said...

is it still called 'Now Your Sufferin Continues..'
Does the age exception still apply? some of us skipped NYSC when we finished uni in naija eons ago. I just dey wonder in case man goes into politics when ijebu state is created ; - )

Anonymous said...

yeah i think the nds blog is a great idea... maybe one day i'll know enough about NIgeria to actually host it... hope you're doing good mami.. its been a while

9ja Opeke said...

I think the best advice I can give you about NYSC...don't think too much about all the negative things but just take it as an adventure...if you can go through NYSC then you are ready to face the outside world...Stay Strong! Goodluck!...

Dimples said...
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Dimples said...

God bless u and may he continue to bless u...I really needed ALL that information...looking to start in Sept...damn those dates have just cut my summer holiday short.

Skool ID ke???...I don't even know where that is???...Will my Alumni card do???

Akin said...

WAEC/GCE certificates? Why are those still needed? What are they trying to prove identity, provenance or ability?

Thankfully, they are not asking for "San six (the phonetics not the spelling)" - you may not know this, it was the old First School Leaving Certificate.

This is just a waste of resources in information gathering for no particular purpose.

What they need to confirm is who you are and if you are eligible, maximum - three current documents.


Naija Vixen said...

I would love to be a team member and Tokunbo's idea is great also. Hope you are having a fab weekend?

Nilla said...

@ Ijebuman
I guess its still called that :-)
I'm not sure about the age exception thing.
lol @ Ijebu state

Looking forward to you hosting it someday :-)

@ 9ja Opeke

@ Dimples
I don't know about Alumni card sha, but still carry it.

@ Akin
Don't know why they need all that, but they do.

@ NV
Thanx Missy and my weekend is going fine.

Simply Gorgeous said...

The NDS blog is definitely a good idea. I can't wait for u to finish Nilla are u going to take pictures for us to see?