Saturday, January 27, 2007

Favorite Blogs

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n9ja wanted a post on my favorite blogs, and I said yes before thinking it through. The truth is there are many unique blogs, and something I particularly fancy might not have the same effect on you.
Some of them you like instantly, while some they grow on you.
Anyways since I said yes, I'll list a few. The rest of my favorites are on my blogroll and a few are on my favorite list on my PC (not that you can see that :-)).

If you want something Inspirational: Light her lamp

If you want poetry: Windmills of my mind

If you want fashion: Bella Naija

If you want Nigerian Entertainment: Naija Vixen

If you want Nigerian drama/prose: Pangolo Junction

If you want Nigeria news/politics: Nigerian Politics

If you want news in general: African Shirts

If you're looking for help on blogging, Azuka's blog has some tips.

I specifically left out personal blogs, and the blogs that are kind of random (talk about a different range of topics).

Still talking about blogs, my friend Curvyice just started blogging recently. Do stop by sometime, if you haven't already.

Have a wonderful weekend people. I leave you with the song I'm feeling now. It's "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel.


Marin said...

You are right, there are so many great blogs out there. Blog stalking should be officially recognised as a profession lol, I would make so much money....
Thanks for dropping by my blog.

mack said...

awww she featured me!! thank you darling. *muah

azuka said...

Do you have a banner or something I can put on my blog? "I am featured on Nilla's blog", ha ha. I'm joking.

I've been preparing for the SAT II and am taking it this morning in four hours' time so I haven't been able to update. Wish me luck!

Donzman said...

Hah...I visit none of those blogs with the exception of BellaNaija's where I only go on Friday's to see if she's got any mp3's I'll like.

naijagal said...

good list if I may say so:) check out my blog sometime

Nilla said...

@ Marin
I would have made so much money too, and retired

@ Mack
You're welcome

@ Azuka
lol @ banner
I already prayed for you.

@ Donzman
see your

@ Naijagal
I usually leave comments on your blog....

laspapi said...

Hi nilla,
you'll let me know when it's the my turn to do the "to return or not to return" hosting?

Calabar Gal said...

So many, many blogs out there. My favourites - too many to mention. Each is unique in their own way!!!
My bloglist keep on growing and growing and growing!!!

Veracity said...

Thanks for nominating me. It feels like an Oscar or Grammy of some sort.
I'm glad someone enjoys my railing about Nigerian politics

Anonymous said...

Nice one...Thanks

Naija Vixen said...

Thanx gurl...u knw i luv u too;-)