Sunday, January 7, 2007


Today, along with a couple of other movies, I watched The Black Dahlia. I was looking forward to it….I’d wanted to watch it when it was playing at the theaters, but for some reason I didn’t get to do that.

For those that don’t know, The Black Dahlia is based on a real unsolved 1940’s Los Angeles murder…(yes it’s a cold case). It’s one of the most popular mysterious crimes in the US, the main reason being the barbaric nature in which Elizabeth Short (aka The Black Dahlia) was killed. She was discovered CUT IN HALF AT THE WAIST amongst other things (still gets me shivering).
See more facts about The Black Dahlia

The movie wasn't what I really expected. It was more of a fictional account of what happened, meanwhile i was expecting facts. I won't say I recommend it, and it is so not a family movie.

Alright people, have a great Sunday…I’m off to go put away the last of my laundry (Actually did 4 loads)
I leave you with this song by Superchick titled "We Live"

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azuka said...

I'm awfully glad the pictures of the scene weren't in color. They'd have been super-gruesome.

Who would do such a thing?

Nilla said...

@ Azuka
Your right about it being super-gruesome.

Obviously someone did...the cops said it was probably someone in the medical field (surgeon), because of the way she was cleanly cut and disemboweled.. (shivering @ the thought)

Lots of people came out claiming to be suspects, and also lots of people ratting people out..and even till now, some people claim their fathers or grandfathers did it..
Its just crazy!

Elle said...

hehehe.. ah the fickle world of movies.. either they disappiont or they enthrall

Naijadude said...

Hmm sounds like not too bad of a movie, I should try it, even though I had gruesome movies!

HOpe you are doing good eh? My laundry is stil lying around oh and I need a serious visit to the drycleaners too! I need a whooping or two, I believe!!

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

I actually went to the theaters to watch it with the boyfriend cos I wanted to see why everybody was really hyping up over the scarlett johansson chick.. i mean i watched lost in translation and i still didn't see it.. suffice to say my boyfriend fell asleep 10 minutes into it.. and I almost did too.. I slipped out of that theater into the crank one... which he fell asleep in too.. lol... come to think of it... could my company have been that boring?! lmao...

Nilla said...

@ Elle

@ Naijadude
I'm fine..
Yeah you need serious whooping..LOL

LOL @ your company being boring...I sincerely doubt that :-)

laspapi said...

you wanted facts, nilla? Dont think it would've been unsolved if they had facts.

If the producers had dared 'misrepresent' events, some movie critic would have slammed them for their audacity.

Hope to see the movie soon, though. Some blood and gore to spice up a weekend?