Friday, January 12, 2007

Icy weather weekend

It's freezing cold!! cold that my car refused to start until after 2 attempts. As at the time, I left for work, it hadn't started snowing yet but I had to scrape off ice from my windshield. It was taking me practically forever to get the ice off, luckily one of my neighbours who was also doing the same but with a de-icer (need to get me a gallon of that), came and helped.

I almost had an accident close to my office because my brake wouldn't catch (road was too slippery). That left me in shock for a while.

Right now it's 16 deg celsius farenheit and it's snowing.

The entire weekend is supposed to be this way in pretty much all of the mid states in the US and that means I'm going to be indoors all weekend :-(

Anyways Have a Happy weekend people....

And enjoy the song below.. It's Iris by Goo Goo Dolls


DiAmOnD hawk said...

oh girl...pls take it ez o...stay it's only flurries...ppl will stay home...make some hot a good dream....

mack said...

hey too bad babe. It going to be raining all weekend at 55 degrees.

Now you said Celcius, but I dont think it can snow at 16 *C, that's about mid-forty degrees Farenheit. I guess you meant to say *F. If it's really gnna be 16*F outside, wow you got it bad. (Usher would say)

Just make something hot, or even take a hot bath, just do something hot. :)

Nilla said...

@ Diamond Hawk
Yeah I'm staying home..
Hot chocolate sounds good :-)

@ Mack
Yeah I meant farenheit (don't know wassup with my head), will change it.
It's bad...
I'm going to get that chocolate now :-)

~ Abike ~ said...

Drive safely, and only when you need to.

Vera Ezimora said...

Oh, poor you. The weather is not cold here....I dunno why. It's supposed to be really freezing by now, but it's not. It's scary cause I wonder how hot the summer will be. Nawa o

zero-2 said...

Abeg oh dont give us heart attack, oh well you prolly had you usual Guard angels doing their job as usual(for those that dont know nilla that well , they work full time for her).Try not to leave the house this weekend, i would suggest you do a lil shoppin b4 u get home today, buy all you need so you wont need to step out and risk entering the cold.I hear there are gonne ba alot of ice storms(not snow storms) and of course ice storms are worse and more'll be fine.stay kewl, as usual!

azuka said...

Pele oh (what's the Efik term for sorry?]. Just stay home and eat ice cream [I don't dig chocolate] and remember to send me my affang soup or else...

For some reason it never snowed here all through the 'real' winter months. Suddenly it's icy here and snow's falling like crazy.

On Wednesday I was walking coolly to play ping pong when I stepped on ice and went into an exaggerated skid. I suffered more harm to my dignity than to my sore bum.

Blublood said...

It's a bit nipply here too...

laspapi said...

@ blu blood- was that a freudian slip?

Nilla, your post about your car not starting until after 2 attempts made me smile. I can see Naija's mechanics haven't ever been at your fuel injector in which case you'd need to commit your car to God before starting out each day.

Glad you're ok, you take care.

laspapi said...

Went stalking you on your profile and saw 'Kung Fu Hustle' as one of your favourite films. Its a brilliant, funny, silly movie and I intend to keep a copy of it forever.

Naijadude said...

Ok, how about moving to CANADA now? Ooh yeah, same old Canada.... While Toronto is so warm its tempting not to wear that jacket, y'all getting snow storm..haha you will live hun!

Dont worry I will send hot chocolate ur way.

Jaycee said...
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Jaycee said...

awww..pele nilla. Be careful on ice...we haven't had snow in DC, but I remember when I slipped on ice and fell too one time. lolll. Be careful driving...

Mennn...I remember watching that 'city of angels' movie...the sound track is kewl. Sometimes when u're the initial stages of falling in love, you feel like u don't want the world to see you cos u don't know if they'll understand!

I've also watched 'Kung Fu Hustle'........ha ha ha....FUNNNNNNNNNNYYYY!!!!

Nilla said...

@ Abike
Will do just that.
Thanx for stoping bye.

@ Vera
Hopefully your summer won't be that bad.

@ Zero-2
Yeah the angels are always there {smiles}.

@ Blublood
Ofcourse it has to be, we live within the same proximity.

@ Laspapi
I so love Kung Fu Hustle. I have a copy and I've watched it so many times.

@ Naijadude
CANADA!...will think about it.
Meanwhile I'm waiting for the hot chocolate ok.

Nilla said...

@ Jaycee & Azuka
I've slipped on ice a couple of times and it wasn't funny except one time. I was walking with a friend, he slipped and one would think I'd be more careful right?...the same exact thing happened to me like 5 seconds later.

@ Azuka
it's "Pe" in ibibio (probably the same in Efik).
Your afang...that's going to be a very long wait :-)

@ Jaycee
I can't remember seeing City of Angels...
Yeah Kung Fu Hustle is hillarious.

snazzy said...

de-icer? I support the usehot water and a rag so as not to leave streaks. Well I did when I had to bother about snow. Now it's everyday carwashes as the harmattan dust wreaks its havoc. Anyway thanks for stopping by and drive safe

Atala Wala Wala said...


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Anonymous said...

oh God! I think it's about to snow here too :(

have a fab (hopefully warm) weekend chicka :)

wicked said...

I love that song... I got some cold going on over here too.. I want some snow though.. I love it when it snows..

wicked said...

BTW i love the movie too.. smiles..

exschoolnerd said...

have a lovely week ahead.

My Talking Beginnings said...

i'll go and download can imagine how bad it is for me bearing in mind i just spent two weeks in sunny lagos! bah!

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only Goo Goo dolls fan.. that iris song is one of their best if not the best.. and John reznick(lol.. could never spell that) is just a sexy bitch!!!

Nilla said...

@ Snazzy, Belle and exschoolnerd

@ Snazzy
hot water?...Isn't that risky?

LOL....Aren't you just a work of art?!

@ Wicked
I wish I could give you the

@ My Talking Beginings
Pele oh!

Yeah the song totally rocks!