Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Overwhelmed, series & resigning

I’ll like to say that I’m still overwhelmed by the responses to the Let’s talk Nigeria post. I know I wanted to get people thinking, but I didn’t expect that many people would stop by within that short time.
Thanks to all that stopped by, linked the post, and read it.

I was thinking we could have a weekly or weekend “Let’s talk NIGERIA” series, to continue with we’ve started…or whatever name you guys think is ok.
But I was thinking we could have different bloggers host it.
I don’t mind hosting it, but it will be better I think if other people host it, because they’ll most likely get a different audience than the ones in this first post and also they’ll have a different angle of viewing things. Anyone interested in hosting can let me know. You can use a post you already had in the past.

The only person I’m going to request to do this is Chxta
Many reasons, I’ll give two:
1. He hasn’t really commented yet….
2. I started blogging because I started posting comments on his blog. And now it’s my 2 months blogging anniversary. @ Chxta, so you see you can’t say no!

Talking about blogging anniversary, I’m officially resigning from Blog STALKING, because if I continue, I might just have a blog related nervous breakdown…LOL
I did not say I’ll stop blogging oh!!
I’ll just stop discovering new ones, but will still continue reading the ones I know now.
It was fun blog stalking, because I got to discover a lot of cool blogs.

Modified: STALKING: The process of pursuing obsesively and to the point of harassment :-)


Gbeborun of Lagos said...


I think it will be aight if its weekly but you can keep hosting it on your blog and have different guest blogger every week. What you think?

I'm sure Tminx will broadcast this in her next gossip round

Naija Vixen said...

Happy 2 months anniversary gurl!Wishn you many more!

LondonBuki said...

I'll be checking out the posts and reading the comments... very interesting.

I know what you mean, so many new blogs! Too many blogs to read!

I think it helps that TMinx will be doing the weekly gossip round-up...

azuka said...

Trust me Nilla. Reading blogs as a hobby can be very time consuming!

n9ja said...

Before you stop stalking - can you drop a post on your favourite blogs..Thanks

9ja Opeke said...

That will be a great idea, at least, we get to read what other Naijaz both home and abroad want to get off their chest...And let's also remember that our words can sow good fruits in the life of someone else.
I get most of my encouragement/Inspirations from reading peole's blog...Postive ones all the time.
You have got my support on that one, Nilla.

Vera Ezimora said...

Is it really possible to stop discovering new blogs? What if someone new leaves comments on ur blog? At a point, u'd have 2 check theirs out too. And u just might fall in love.

Have u seen my 'blogs i read' list? It keeps growin and I'm scared!

Nilla said...

@ Gbeborun
Once a week is ok. Let's see what other people think..

@ Naija Vixen

@ LondonBuki
Yeah there's too many!

@ Azuka
I know...

@ n9ja
Will do that..

@ 9ja opeke

@ Vera
Of course if someone leaves a comment, I'll check them out..
You're talking about your list...I have some added to my favorites that I haven't added to my blog roll. That's why I need to stop discovering by stalking (I put up what I meant by stalking).

laspapi said...

yeah, different bloggers hosting might help perspective. Pls place me on your list of 'hosts' when/if the round-robin commences.

Nilla said...

@ Laspapi
It is going to commence soon. Chxta already agreed.
So you can be second.
If you have any other suggestions let me know.

Donz said...

You should also endeavour to tell us who is hosting the "thing" for the week so those of us who do not blog stalk do not get lost.

Nilla said...

@ Donz

Yes I will...
This is still the preliminary stage, and I'm just waiting for more suggestions from other people.
We'll also have rules too, nothing serious....basically for people to respect other people's opinions (so things don't escalate).

Anonymous said...

girl, when i read "resigning", i really thought you were going to quit blogging. phew!

**whispering** there is absolutely nothing wrong with stalking blogs. lol

Naijadude said...

I cant believe I never left a comment on here! Sweetie, u stalking blogs eh? LOL....but yeah you need to update from time to time, and visit some few select blogs, start lesson 101 from there ...LOL

Hope you have a lovely weekend eh!

exschoolnerd said...

ur still a blogvirgin o! two months kpere..s'all good.happy two months of bloggin bliss sha...

wicked said...

Just passing by to see what's new..


Nigeria is a lost cause!
Until the day we put all Nigerians (those that have been entrusted to rule the country, most especially) who've stolen from the Nigerian people in a law court, found guilty and summarily excecuted or put in a jail 4 life...we will never move forward. Then we will need to set up a Reconciliation Commision and a true Sovereign National Conference where all Nigerian nationalities(tribes) will decide if they want to secede or continue to live together as one Nigeria - thereafter, we can create many Nigerian nations recognised by the U.N. and every new Nigerian nation can go their separate ways and start on a clean slate.
This is a hardline approach and it may be our only option at the end of the day for a better Nigeria nations!


Howdy Nilla: Left a comment re: investment/returning to Nigeria. Also, sign me up if and when you need a host/moderator. Take care.

Jola Naibi said...

Congratulations on your blogging anniversary...would have loved to love to chime in on the original Naija posting...but look forward to seeing other folks hosting

Nilla said...

@ Belle
{whispering} No there isn't, but too much stalking is detrimental to the health.

@ Naijadude
Have a lovely weekend yourself too.

@ Exschoolnerd
lol @ blogvirgin

@ Wicked
Thanx for stopping by girl

Nigeria is not a lost cause..
Are you interested in hosting the "Let's talk Nigeria" series?

Saw the comment.
You can be the 3rd host (After Laspapi).

@ Jola Naibi

Bee said...

Hi... first time on ur blog, pretty interesting. I think we have a friend in common...know any Juan?

Vera Ezimora said...



@ Nilla

Count me in....