Friday, January 12, 2007

Featured Blog: Light Her Lamp

I'm recommending another blog again....

But first, what is God saying to you? Watch the youtube slideshow.

For me, God is telling me to draw closer to him.

Which brings me back to the title of my post......
I'm recomending the blog Light Her Lamp (writings of a naija lady) because it's one of the most inspirational blogs in blogsburg. It's definitely a daily read.

The blog owner is Jaycee. She usually posts daily bible verses that remind me to read my own bible. And her interpretations are so.....{You have to go there and see for your self!}

Her blog gets me thinking if I can spend at least an hour reading other people's blog. Why can't I spend more time getting to know God.

She has been a blessing to me, and I'm sure she'll be a blessing to you too.

And just in case you didn't have time to check out the last blog I featured, here is a LINK :-)


Biodun said...

Yeah she is definitely gifted! I read her stuff all the time!

Nilla said...

@ Biodun

Yes She is :-)
Thanx for stopping by Biodun

Naijadude said...

U made me read about Jaycee eh! She's absolutely good!

Have a good weekend

Jaycee said...
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