Monday, January 1, 2007

My own blogger choices

HAPPY NEW YEAR once again people!

There was a blogger award at the end of last year on Taurean Minx's blog.
At first i didn't want to vote, but after seeing the invitation on Bella Naija, then Overwhelmed Naija's and finally Naijadude's blog, I decided to vote.

I wasn't satisfied with some of the results...almost regret voting sef :-(

Anyways I decided to post my own list here! These are just for the blogs i've been to in my short time here.

Best blog overall: Bella Naija

Most inspiring blogger: Segun (Be Inspired), Jaycee, Naijadude

Funniest blogger: NaijaBloke, OWNB

Blogger I would most like to meet: Almost all bloggers :-)

Best writer: Miguel, Atala Wala Wala, Chxta, Naijadude, Onada, BOA, Azuka, Boorish Male, Vera

Most thought provoking post: Naijadude – Too bad I have to continue living a life of a lie!

Dedicated blogger award-updates blog most often: Too many to list.

Best every day read: Bella Naija, Naijadude, Atala Wala Wala, Jaycee

Best country centric blog: Too many to mention

Best genre centric blog: Atala Wala Wala, Bella Naija

Best fashion blog: Bella Naija

Best foreigner in Nigeria blog: Maphelele (If she’s not Nigerian), Blublood

Best poetry/soulful blog: Answer later

Best intellectual blog: Too many to mention.

Sexiest blogger: Guy – Naijadude; Lady - Icy

Mr Macho blogger: ??

Most annoying blogger: Anonymous spammer

Random blog- What’s he/she on about: ??

Best non-blogger commenter - for someone who is not a blogger but consistently comments on blogs: Anonymous

Most scandalous blog: OWNB

Most entertaining blog: Naija Vixen, Bella Naija,

Best political blog: Chxta, Grandiose Palor, Veracity, Atala Wala Wala, Chippla, African Shirts, Ijebuman, Davidylan.

Best religious blog: Diamond Hawk, Jaycee

Best designed blog: Bella Naija, Icy, Jaycee

Blogger who achieved the most in 2006: ??

Additional Categories
Best New Blogger: Jaycee, Naija Vixen, Nilla
Best Well-mannered Blogger: Too many to mention
Best Blogger/Blog name: TaureanMinx

Those in italics are the ones I missed in my original votes


Jem said...

Nice set of choices ....Happy New Year!


Jaycee said...


(shy thanks!!!)..Happy new year Nilla, goodness knows I enjoy reading ur blog...

Oracle said...

Bella naija really deserves a lot of awards for his/her blog. (I don't know if its a guy or a girl)

You have a great blog too nilla

Naijadude said...

LOL...Thanks so much for the voting oh! U so won my vote any day any time , too!!

Have a good week hun!

Nilla said...

@ Jem
thanx & same to you.

@ Jaycee and Naijadude
thanx & LOL :-)

@ Oracle
Yeah, she does.

DiAmOnD hawk said... come you put JAYCEE for almost everything...i dey jealous kidding...

happy 3rd day in the new year :-)

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

awww.. she mentions me in her favorites... I agree with the funny part.. but this scandalous self.. wetin i do to deserve am ehn?!?! lol... you know what.. i'm going to watch the news for the first time in months and talk something political in my next post(the rising cost of condoms... lmao)... luv your choices on the real.. lol.. there's a couple i haven't checked out b4.. and i will...

Nilla said...

@ Diamond

This craze pikin.....infact i have nothing to say again, I'll just wait for your political topic (no matter how scandalous it's going to