Thursday, February 1, 2007

Notable Comments by Nigerians - 1

"God Help Nigeria! "

You find this comment a lot on some Nigerian blogs, especially when something bad has happened (again).

Why am I talking about this?
It snowed again today (It's just been snowing every week), and so traffic was slow because there had been a multiple car accident like 15 miles (24 km) away on another highway.
Anyways, while I crawled through traffic, I started thinking (Like I'm sure most of you have thought.....) how it's good that most parts of Africa don't have snow. People would have frozen to death in thousands or something.
Focusing on Nigeria alone, with the government not even maintaining roads, who would have cleared up the snow on highways for people to move around (get to work most especially)?
While in thought, I remembered the comment "God Help Nigeria", and wondered what we really meant by that. What kind of help exactly are we looking for?
Me thinks God has helped Nigeria already. There are about 200 countries in the world, so I add, God help those countries too (they have their own problems).

While we can continue to say "God Help Nigeria", let's just remember that if we don't do anything about our problems, we will continue to say that till infinity.

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mack said...

May God help Nigeria...

azuka said...

I second that :-).

LondonBuki said...

"God Help Nigeria"

I say that when I read about a disaster, something negative that has happened in Nigeria.

That is what I can do for now - PRAY, rather than say and do nothing at all, it's better to say "God help Nigeria".

Nilla said...

@ Mack and Azuka

So why did you say that now??

It's almost like a greeting....

@ LondonBuki