Friday, February 23, 2007

Nigeria Discussion Series: Interlude

Hello People,

The Nigeria Discussion Series is currently on hold at the moment. When the host for today has a post up, I'll be sure to keep you posted.

Meanwhile why aren't YOU participating in the series? Are YOU reading them at all? It's hard to believe YOU are reading if YOU don't leave a comment. Unless YOU are trying to tell me that YOU agree with all that's being said.
I realize that YOU might not particularly fancy the particular topic, or think it's that important. So why don't YOU be a host.

If YOU can't do the little things such as this, how can YOU do big things?

Also, remember that current information on the Nigeria discussion series can always be found on the right hand side of this blog.

Have a wonderful day!

The next post on the Nigerian Discussion Series will be on 02/25/2007 (that's this sunday), as the host is currently very busy.
In the meantime I leave you with some Femi Kuti music while you wait.
Walk on the Right side
Eko Lagos
Fight to Win with Jaguar Wright


Omodudu said...

I support your NDS initiative so much, infact you are one of a kind. Head Swell. I have a suggestion though. Why don't you host the whole discussion on your blog. Its a bit hard following this discussions. Thats my two kobo.

Omodudu said...

I think you should check your feed setting o. I have not been recieving your feed on my reader, thats why I have not being coming by more often. I am lazy like that.

Naija Vixen said...

thanks for the music oh(you know we lyk freebies lyk

hav a great weekend!!!

Dami said...

we..well i am following the your great initiative ;-) well done

laspapi said...

no "Nigerian" post on the host's blog yet. Just coming from there.

mack said...

YOU eeh...

ok. I just might start caring about naija a little more 'cosof this post.

Anonymous said...
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Nilla said...

@ Omodudu
lol @ Head swell.....infact it has finished swelling and has now burst...he he he.

RE: Feed setting
I don't know, cos I haven't changed my settings. I've looked @ my feed setting, and it's the same as it has always been, unless I don't know wassup.

@ NaijaVixen
You're welcome

@ Dami

@ Laspapi
That shows you didn't read the post.....cos at the bottom of the post, I said it will be up tomorrow :-)

@ Mack

@ Deleted Anonymous Spammer
Don't come back here!

snazzy said...

yo! if possible I'd like to do one a month for as long as u keep this thing going

Nilla said...

@ Snazzy
That's fine, as long as there is no one else.