Friday, February 16, 2007


Thank God tomorrow is friday!!!
It's been a busy week so far for me. For all those that didn't have a valentine day post (or didn't put it up early enough, when I wasn't so busy), I didn't get to say HAPPY VALENTINE'S.

So I'm saying HAPPY VALENTINES (It's still valentines week you with these gifts straight from Godiva!!

I hope you had a good time yesterday, or are yet to have a good time.

Ok will blog with you all later, need to get me something to eat and rest.


azuka said...

A happy Val's to you too Nilla. You're not telling us what you did ;-).

Nilla said...

It's the tiredness.

I didn't do anything....unless you want to count "working overtime" as a fun way to spend vals

I did open a gift today though *winks*.....and I loved it.

Thats enough info for you right?

Vera Ezimora said...

You're giving us an e-gift? Rubbish!

mack said...

yeah you need the rest, I can tell from your voice. Merry vals.

Naijadude said...

I sure did have a good time.. Lots of candies and chocolates eh! How was yours?

Jaycee said...

Yup we had a good time, thanks Nil...


Anthony Arojojoye said...

Valentine was nice. At least it should be categorised nice when you're doing virtually nothing.

Blublood said...

Ooh la la, I love me some chocolate.....Happy Late Valentines Day Nilla....

9ja Opeke said...

Thank you, least, we know you had a wonderful valentine...

Nilla said...

@ Vera
its the thought that counts

@ Mack

@ Naijadude
Same as you with the tummy started hurting.

@ Jaycee

@ Anthony
lol....yeah I guess its nice when you do nothing.

@ Blublood

@ 9ja Opeke
Your welcome.