Friday, February 2, 2007


Did you ever see the movie Sleepers?
It's an old movie (Came out in 1996), but I saw the movie sometime last year and it is very very touching.

Brief summary:
It's about 4 boys sent to a juvenile detention center, after playing a prank that went terribly wrong. While in the detention center, they were mentally, physically and sexually abused by a few of the guards.
A more indepth review can be found here .

This movie kept popping up in my head while reading a couple of blogs and comments.

I finally put my scattered thoughts together, the result.....

Abuse be it mental, physical, sexual or verbal
Is a disease that cuts through boundaries,
It's not a respecter of gender
It's not a respecter of age
It's not a respecter of social status
It's not a respecter of profession
It's not a respecter of race
It's not a respecter of country
Abuse is not a respecter of people.
It's a disease perpetrated by sick people!


TaureanMinx said...


Men I saw that movie oh and was really heart broken for them. There are many sick people in this world!

DiAmOnD hawk said...

hmmm...dont know that Id be able to watch that movie....

the issue of abuse is sooo hidden in our country...i dont understand it... cuz i talk to ppl and it seems that are more than a few that have been abused...there is no outlet....there WAS no outlet...

Shola said...

having read things about abuse on a number of blogs recently i have just been wondering what kinda of sickness it is with the abusers.

i once read the confessions of a serial rapists and was shocked that a naive young teenager would turn into a monster just by an idle play with pornography.

there are a lot of people out there that have given their minds to perversed imaginations and habits and they really need help to realize how devasting it could be to them and their victims.

there are a lot to be done on this issue of abuse, i really think its time to put an end to the silence .

Nilla said...

@ Taureanminx

lol @ being first...
I feel you.
Thanx for stopping by.

@ Diamond hawk
I don't think I agree with you that the issue of abuse is hidden in Nigeria....

@ Shola
Yeah, there's really a lot to be done....and I think preventing it (or should I say reducing the risk of it happening) should be one of the steps to take.

Anonymous said...

I never watched it... but I love your little writeup on the subject.. fantstic

Akin said...

I did watch it and it revealed a lot of issues.

1. The way the crime and punishment system might not be suitable for kids such that their lives are ruined.

2. The way the authorities lock the doors and throw away the keys when kids are banged up in places of correction.

3. The way the authorities refuse to acknowledge and deal with serious abuse in their establishments that the abusers do what they do with impunity.

4. The way these institutions create worse monsters than the innocents that went in.

5. What it took to eventually get justice, but it did not repair the lives of 3 of the 4 kids, it is a black mark on society.

6. The realisation that this was purported to be real.

The revulsion I suffered from seeing what those men did, even though they were respected members of society, the weight of evidence was so against the boys, it took the murder of one man and the confession of another before the issue could be believed.

There can be no redemption for people like that, one is utterly sick to the stomach that such creatures crawl the face of the earth.

curvyice said...

Abuse is abuse right? well someone said something about teh system and infrastruicture put in place, i wish to add that there is nothing in place to help victims of abuse ina anyway. well if peeps been watching the news there was this big deal on Nancy grace. a lady was abused(raped) and then went to report it and while she was taking them to the scene of teh crime, she was arrested and jailed for 3 days cos he had a warrant out for her for somethings he did in her past. people help me out here. she was even refused emergency contraception cos teh supervisor said it was against her religion. men i dont know what to say except that not only are the abusers crasy, but also the people put in place to help curb these gregarious and preposterous acts. so my thought on this is, people need come out and scream at any form of abuse we see, cos it stares us in our face everyday or our lives.
hey nilla thanks for bringing it up.