Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Why do you blog?

Hello people,

How is your week going? Good I hope!

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Anyways, back to the title of the post...Why do you blog?
Who do you blog for? For you, for others, or for both?
I know some blog profiles already describe the purpose for their blog.
I'm still trying to figure out more reasons why I blog. But I know I blog for me and others (those that care to
I enjoy reading other blogs, but of recent I try not to read just fun, personal, interesting and serious blogs. I've started reading blogs that are related to my career. Time is money you know :-)
By the way when you read personal blogs, do you believe everything you read?

Have a wonderful rest of the week!
I leave you with Seal's "Kiss from a Rose"


Anonymous said...

I remember this song it brings back memories.. thanks..

I like to blog for me. It's like a release for my soul, mind and heart.

Jaycee said...

I blog for myself and others. When I piggy-back on some of my blog posts, I tend to learn and re-learn some lessons. Its like a lovely cycle.

I read ur blog to learn some simple truths as well...

As per personal blogs, I believe Vera's blog cos the girl is CRAZY and seems capable of any madness. But seriously though, I don't believe all personal stories I read...some are make-believe!

LondonBuki said...

Why do I blog?
I started blogging to share everything... then people, that knew me, discovered who I was so I chilled on the 'personal' stuff.

I still blog to share(not everything), to motivate myself, to record my achievements and progress and also to share the miraculous recovery of my Mummy :-)

Naija Vixen said...

i blog for myself and others...pure entertainment;-)i read other pples blogs but im not to keen to blog bout myself...mayb cos im just a busy body;-)it's hard to believe evrything you read...but there are sumthings which just make you believe a particular story or article is true...does that make any sense?

9ja Opeke said...

Thanks for your week is going fine so far. I hope you are having a great week also?
Hmmmm! "Why do you blog?"...let me see...I blog because there are somethings I need to get off my chest. A place where I can remain unknown (for sometime, until I am caught...I do hope not yet because I am enjoying it)
But just like you, I blog for me and if someone is touched by what they read in my blog...then I am thankful to God. I am also particular about the blog that I read...I need to read blog that inspire me to be someone better.
That's a good thing, Nilla...reading blogs that are related to your career. That way, when one is caught (as in work) they can say, at least, she was trying to improve on herself.
I may not believe everything that I read but I take from it, what is good for me.

Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting post. I started writing my blog last August because I needed a place to voice the thoughts in my head. I'd been through a lot as a child and I'd only just begun to realize that it was affecting my 'adult'. I've always written from when I was way younger but the unfortunate thing is that i'm really careless so people find everything that I write. There are certain stuff I can share with my friends and family and there were some thing(abuse) that I hadn't.. and couldn't. I started my blog because in my little corner of the web I could talk about anything I wanted to, say my feelings, my experiences... my life. I didn't really write for anybody and was amazed when people read my blog, recommended it, came back, commented and just the love I felt from other bloggers. I started to make 'blog friendships' that I really cherish a lot cos I get other opinions other than my own. I only told 2 friends about my blog... the person who made me start it up(Naijadude)cos he inspired me that he could be so open and just be himself completely on his blog and my best friend Naijadyme who i trust with my life. As time goes by, some people have started knowing it's "Me" probably bcos i'm the exact same way on my blog and in my real life... except i probably joke a lot more in real life.I've never told a lie on my blog because I didn't start it up to entertain anybody... it looses its purpose if I start to exaggerate or fib.Sometimes I wish people didn't know me as much.. I mean i dont mind the faceless, anonymous bloggers... but the people in my reallife. Theres so much more i want to talk about... but might not because of them.I love reading personal blogs cos I relate to them much betters.. i obviously have my favourites cos some bloggers deliver every single time... I believe my favorite bloggers cos I don't see the reason to lie... it's just a blog... lol this is a longass response so i'm gonna stop here jare

Steven Novak said...

I blog for a whole lot of reasons I guess. I mean, I'd be writing stuff anyway, so I might as well let others read it if they want. ;)


Lee said...

I've been blogging for almost 3 years now but its mor eon professional blogging (not on blogger). I had a couple of blogs here and there and this one I have now is just to analyze certain things related to work, write about where I am now, etc. tomorrow I might be in space and I'll blog about
I try not to post too personal stuffs cos if I had to..hmmmm

mack said...
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Naijadude said...

Hmm blogging? Well when I started blogging I blog for myself, just an avenue to reach out to that unknown world that could hear me vent but I realised along the road I was more like blogging for people, and that might include too much of a personal info. Then I relent on blogging cos I dont want to get too personal then I would lose the purpose of the blog.

I really dont like blogs that gossip or get ultra-personal, I really dont want to know what happened in your real world which might be true or untrue!

I love that song eh!!

Blublood said...

I blog first and foremost for me but also for others in hopes that something I say or do or render, or whatever may have some positive affect on even just a moment. And most of all, it is the best therapy I have found for myself ever and by far the least expensive...

Later Nilla....

Kpakpando said...

I blog because if I went to a shrink my mom would be mortified that I was sitting/laying on somebody's couch, because people from good homes and stable families don't need psychological help. She's probably right, but I don't know how to break it to her that our home wasn't necessarily good and definitely not stable.

Nilla said...

@ doragon
You're welcome

@ Jaycee
lol @ simple truths.
Let Vera catch you calling her

@ LondonBuki
Yes oh! Your Mum's recovery is a miracle.

@ Naija Vixen
Yeah it makes sense.

@ 9ja Opeke
Yes my week is going great!

You write well too...

@ Steven Novak
Yeah if they want to...
Thanx for stopping by.

@ Lee
hmmmm....what would happen if you

@ Naijadude
I feel you on the blog gossip thing and getting personal.

@ Blublood
lol @ least expensive therapy....It's true anyways.

@ Kpakpando
I feel you.

@ Everyone
Love all your inputs.

Omodudu said...

I blog becasue of the demons. I have to keep them at bay. Besides I have been blogging since 1999, hmmm okay not online but I have been writing stuff down since then.

Donzman said...

They blog because they have nothing better to do i.e. they're bored.

The rest blog because they think they can make a difference, emphasize think.

AbujaBabe said...

I have just started Bloging...
I loved reading blogs at first..

I blog for myself and others I have opinions on things i like to share with others being music, fashion, Politics, Jist, Naija, My poetry or a good old rant anything really...

I see it as free therapy you can get things of your chest and I just love being able to share my opinion and be anonymous... I guess thats why I love bloging..

Jola Naibi said...

I blog for myself...I have always loved to write and blogging became an outlet for me to write what was on my mind. If anyone else likes what I write and let's me know tant mieux and for that I am thankful...I also find that I have made quite a few virtual friends through blogging. More than anything, blogging for me is a way to write frequently rather than carry stories around in my head which is what I have been doing for eons