Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Blogger Confessions

A couple of bloggers have been doing this, and now I'm joining them.

I confess that I'm smitten by the beauty and concept of Bab's House.

I confess that I'm in love with a couple of blogger personalities {Goodluck to you, if you're trying to figure out who they are or why ;-)}.

I confess that if I had only heard this song on Talatu-Carmen's blog without seeing the video, I would have thought it was an indian song/music.

I confess that Jola Naibi's And then there was Nollywood is really fantastic.

I confess that I'm already addicted to Diamond's "Naija Blogger Bachelorette", after seeing the Season Premiere.

I confess that I hope I don't have to remind you that the Nigeria Discussion series is currently HERE .

I confess that today is a beautiful day, and it's not just because it's ONB's
Happy birthday once again girl!

It's a beautiful day - U2

Finally I confess that I don't have any more time to confess.

Have a lovely day, people.


LondonBuki said...

I like the idea of Blogger Bachelorette! :-)

Beautiful day... lucky you. The weather here is HORRENDOUS and it's supposed to snow tomorrow!
Actually, my day just turned beautiful - just recieved some good news!


Talatu-Carmen said...

Nilla, glad you liked the song!

Anonymous said...

Nilla thanks for giving a shout about my House.

I confess that me like your confessions.

@LondonBuki Shey you wont share the good news ni?

Jaycee said...

Lollll...I'm loving Bab's house jare...ahn inventions on blogsville sha! I love this country...u have to be brilliant so that evolution does not erode ur brain!

He he, who are the contenders for diamond's premiere naw? In the atmosphere of jacking last night, maybe I missed somn!

Bella Naija said...

wow that babs house is really unique!~
some people are soooo creative
u have a COUPLE of crushes...not even just that's gangsta lol

Naija Vixen said...

And i confess that im luvvn this post oh!!!whatz guud?have a guud week too!

mack said...

I was even waiting for her to say she is in love with moi or... naijadude or azuka...

oh well...

Miguel said...

I confess that i find your blog really interesting.

Nilla said...

@ LB
It's still a beautiful day, because even though there was a chemical plant explosion in kansas city MO (about 30 mins away from my home & office) this afternoon, no one was hurt.

What's your good news?

@ Talatu-Carmen

@ BabsBETA
You're welcome.

@ Jaycee
I don't know the contenders oh!..

Nilla said...

{Weird...something happened to the internet connection.}

@ Bella Naija
lol....I specifically stayed away from the word "crush"..
My confession was on personalities I loved ;-)

@ Naija Vixen

@ Mack
ha ha ha...
what are you trying to do ehn? bring out words from my mouth?
No Comments....LOL

@ Miguel

Jola Naibi said...

Thanks for sharing Bab's House...that is pretty colorful...hope she won't mind all the mogbos that will now be hanging out at her place courtesy of you Nilla lol

exschoolnerd said...

am i one of the blogger personalities u r in love with *wink wink*

9ja Opeke said...

Na wa eferybodi dey wetin me sef go confess.

[Hmmmmm! I don get am!]

I confess that Taureanminx should fashi Mamaalaye and go for one of those Boboz on (BACHELORETTE SPECIAL)

What do you think?

I really love U2 especially that song "Beautiful day"...thank you for posting and thank you, Nilla for the best wish.

laspapi said...

I confess I'm in love with your blogger personality.