Tuesday, December 12, 2006

3 "R"s of the day

I finally got my lazy self to go Christmas shopping yesterday evening; it wasn’t funny, not even in the same zipcode as funny. Why am I lamenting so much … well it so happens that my shopping list also included plane tickets for me to go see loved ones. And if only I wasn’t so busy I wouldn’t be lamenting because I would most definitely have gotten a better deal, than what I have now. Ok enough of the pity party…lol. It’s loved ones right so it’s ok, and next time early planning.

If you’re yet to go shopping here are my recommendations for Christmas gifts:
1. Christmas Hamper: My advice is to make it yourself, instead of buying the ready-made ones. You can buy the ready-made ones though if you are really pressed for time. You could make it a food hamper, cosmetic hamper or something else.
2. Perfumes: I think its one of the easiest gift to shop for, just make sure you don’t get anything that smells awful (And yes some perfumes do smell horrible...lol).
3. Gift cards: This is an even easier gift to get. But make sure it’s a gift card to a place the receiver frequents or would appreciate.
4. Cards: This is a must, because they last long (here we are assuming the receiver doesn’t trash it in the nearest bin..lol). Also the words mean something to somepeople.
5. Cash: Can be good or bad. Good, because every one needs that extra cash. Bad, because it shows you didn’t have the time to go pick up something.

Meanwhile in the news today the official World Oldest Woman, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Bolden is dead (At the age of 116). According to family, she had had 40 grandchildren, 75 great-grandchildren, 150 great-great-grandchildren, 220 great-great-great grandchildren and 75 great-great-great-great grandchildren.


Anonymous said...

how long've you been away from home? I missed you yesterday ...you were out "christmas shopping". y'have a good holiday.

Nilla said...

4 yrs now. But my trip is to see loved ones here not back home though. Have a happy holiday too :-)

azuka said...

Why am I selfish?

I haven't thought of getting anyone anything, but I keep dreaming someone somewhere'll send me a hamper or something from my Amazon Wishlist.

Nilla said...


Anonymous said...

ahhhh christmas shopping ke? i have to empty my wallets to get my cousin an 80GB apple ipod with video! Sometimes just being a kid would have been a better option!

Nilla said...

We don't want to grow up now abi..too many responsibilities..I feel ya!