Saturday, December 9, 2006

Poem-athon (1)

Hello people, I said I was going to put up some of my friends poems. I'll be putting up one every day, starting now.....

The Battle - by Genial

It begins at the place of words
With the touching of swords
Shivers, itches, heat, passion
Limbs entwined, planned confusion
Breathing faster, pulses racing
Feverishly groping and tracing
Frenetic madness, facing paces
Faster, faster, ever faster
Engine revving deeper, louder
Pistons labour higher, harder
Blood, sweat, tears, groans
Voices low, gasps, moans,
Building up to a crescendo
A wail of victory, no more innuendo
Sounds of triumphant labour
Visions of paradise to savour
Sunshine, moonshine, rainfall. . .

Silence. Oblivion. The end.

Copyright © 2006 Genial


Jaycee said...

wow, made me breath faster at the beginning and slower at the end! Phew!

Nilla said...

I feel you girl :-)

Oracle said...

Does Genial have a blog?