Monday, December 11, 2006

Poem-athon (3)

A continuation of the series of poems by friends. See previous Poem-athon (2)

The Hunt - by Genial

The stalk

Blackness, balance, baited breath
Sight slitted, fervent focus
Limbs nimble, trigger eager
Mind primed, ears geared
Shifting, silent, shapeless shadows
Crouching, crawling, creeping, controlled
Looking, lusting, learning, listening

The chase

Spring suddenly! No time to lose!
Fury, fury, fury let loose!
Galloping, leaping, eyes focused
Crashing, crushing, to the purpose
Time flashing past, speeding
A blur of earth, sound and green
Getting closer, closer, closer
The smell of blood, fear, bile, ochre

The kill

Time hangs, suspended
Muscles stretched, distended
Soft flesh tearing at the claws
Blood, blood, blood, more blood!
Growls, screams, high pitch, low pitch
Struggles, throes, agony, teeth
Death, death, death, death!
Slowly, surely. . . slumping. . . silent.

It is finished.

Copyright © 2006 Genial

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