Friday, December 29, 2006

A post to clear the last post..

..the previous post had to be shifted from the top position @ a particular time.

I’m still a little bit down with the cold, so I decided to write a short poem (actually work on my poetry writing skills) on the yeye cold Here it is:

This Cold

The audacity of this cold!
Trying to put me on hold
Alas I am more than bold
For I refuse to fold.

Yes Oh! this cold did not stop me from pampering myself a little…after all how many times do you turn ….(see the previous post and do the maths). And this weekend cold or no cold, I’m going to have mad fun!

I still want to say sosongo (thanks)
To all those that dropped by to say Happy Birthday!!
It meant a lot and it made me happy


Of all the calls I got yesterday, the one I was excited about the most was that of my sister. She is one of the most unreachable people ever. If she doesn’t want to be found you best believe you won’t find her. I mean my sis is not a celebrity but yet she is so unreachable. Thank God for birthday oh!...I heard her voice again. I miss her so's funny because we were always fighting when we were together...I guess its true what they say, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder”.


Naijadude said...

What is "sosongo"? What language is that?

Are we in the same battle as well? I refuse to be folded by this cold! I am bound to have fun and I will have it at all cost.

Have fun hun!

Nilla said...

sosongo is thank you in ibibio.

Yes oh! this cold won't hold us down.

take care

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

Missy, my sister and i used to fight all the time, when we were together. We didn't graduate to phys. fights o. Now, that we're so far apart, we're inseperable whenever she visits. Hope u're feeling much better?

Donzman said...

Get well soon or I'll have to personally arrest the cold with the Nigerian Police Force.

We write poems about cold now?... You should write one about the Ebule Egba tragedy, I'll like to see how good you are. :)

Atala Wala Wala said...

Only four lines, Nilla?

That is slackness!

Hold on... let me root around for that rhyming book I keep around when I'm in a poetic mood... ah! Found it. OK, here goes...

"The audacity of this cold!
Trying to put me on hold
Alas I am more than bold
For I refuse to fold."

I'm certainly not that old
To feel that I should be told
"I can have you bought or sold"
By this unwelcome cold

I'm worth much more than gold
I'm a wonder to behold
So I should tell this cold
"I'm not yours to make or mold"

PS Get well soon!

Nilla said...

@ Cherub
I'm doing much better now..thanx

@ Donzman
lol @ Nigerian Police Force...i will like to see that happen though!!
So now your into poems huh..

Your addition to the poem is absolutely nice!

I would have liked to use the cold as an excuse for having 4 really this is just my 4th poem (still learning).

Who/what are you referring to as slackness???? only did 2 times the job i did....LOL.

And thanx, I'm feeling much better :-)

azuka said...

I hope the cold is under wraps now?

Nice poem, by the way...

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

lmao..ur a joker... happy belated bday luv... i haven't been bloggin for a bit cos i had terrible food poisoning but im feelin better now... hope you had fun on ur bday... lmao@ your poem.. ur just a character.. lol.. but good stuff tho.. me likes!

Nilla said...

@ Azuka
It's just the after effect that's left..
Poem made nicer by AWW :-)

Food poisoning??? sorry oh!! feel much better now, abi?

Regarding birthday, Thanxxx, and it was quiet except for the occasional sneezing....

Now madmoiselle, don't be laughing @ my poem...LOL.

Take care of you oh!

laspapi said...

I thought I'd add another rhyme for this special lady whose birthday I missed and who speaks my second language, Ibibio (did youth service in Akwa Ibom)

May your days and nights
be beautiful, Nilla
May joy embrace you each time
you see her,
May the new year bring you
goodness and laughter
Its the man, Don 'papi
All the way from Nigeria

Donzman said...


No I'm not into poems, just will like to see how creative you can be with words.

Glad to know you're feeling better. You could trying applying the same remedy to Nigeria.

Nilla said...

@ Laspapi
sosongo etie-ti (thank you very much)

@ Donzman
ok, I'll work on something...

Yeah..we'll apply that same remedy to Naija!