Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My day.... started out ok.
As had been my daily routine for the past week, I had to go put air in one of my tires before heading to work. I’ve been doing this daily since late last week when i woke up one morning and one of the car tires was down (I have no clue what happenened to the tire, all i know is every morning it's flat again).

...Then it became great.
Some time before lunch, I got a christmas bonus that was totally unexpected and started dreaming of all the things i could get with it. In the end though i decided it would be better for my savings to take care of that!

...And then lousy
After work, i finally decided it was time to get my tire done once and for all and i headed over to Walmart. I spent over 2 hours waiting on just one flat tire, needless to say i wasn't too happy about that.

..Finally it ends well..
I got home still in a lousy mood i chatted with a friend online and he sent me this song that some how managed to make me feel better. It's a fusion of jazz, rap and gospel. I loved it and i'm sure you will too.

Presenting Michael Franti & Spearhead in "Every Single Soul"

this player has a mind of its own (or maybe its just me not doing it right :-)), so you'll have to click on it twice and wait for about 20 vex sha, its worth the wait.


Jaycee said...
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Jaycee said... the end of the day, thank God the song made ur day calmer...geez...the song is making my day right now...i LOVE the combo (it looks like we have some things in common)

is there a way I can SAVE the song on my desktop???

Nilla said...

@ Jaycee
It's one of the most beautiful songs I've heard in a while.

You can't save it from here. I can try sending you a direct link..hopefully it works.

beautyinbaltimore said...

A xmas bonus is always good. I say save the money for a vacation.

Nkem said...

Michael Franti is a such a musical genius. I still remember "Basketball Song" as if it was yesterday. How did you embed the player in your page, I've been desperately looking for that tool.

Nilla said...

@ Beautyinb-more
Vacation sounds great...I'm thinking paris

@ Nkem
I haven't heard "basketball song"...
Didn't know who Franti was until of recent.

To embed the player, i used webjay ( but they don't host songs, so you have to have your song hosted by some other site such as After it is now on the web, you can then upload it to your webjay account playlist and use their wizard to get a html code.
I hope that helps.