Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy Buffday to Me & Others

It's my birthday today and I'm feeling mighty dandy today (even though i got a cold).

Special shout outs to all my birthday mates:
Miss E from my secondary school
Miss C from my College

and also these celebrities ...

Denzel (how many Denzel's do you know :-)) - he's cute just like moi...LOL

and also

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Yeah its John Legend...and I've got a great voice just like him....LOL

Happy buffday to all the other December 28 babes and guys where ever you are!

And I'm turning......the # of hours this post would be up here @ the top :-)


Anthony Arojojoye said...

Finally, it's here.
Happy birthday Nilla. May long life & prosperity gum follow you all d days of your life. I never knew you were a celebrity, considering the various celebrities who share the day with you.
Now how can we wash it o, 'cos that's the koko?
So where the party at?

mack said...

oooow c'moon girl you could'a said something earlier... we could'a thrown you a pinnyata birth day party. We would'a eaten cheese and pizza and danced to R.kelly's "It's Your Birthday"... grrr

Happy one girl. Now you know what it feels like to be older ("Pinnyata" LoL)

LondonBuki said...


ijebuman said...

Happy birthday!!!

Chxta said...

Happy birthday me girl, this is wishing you many more years...

Naijadude said...

Happy Birthday Nilla....I wish you long life and prosperity oh! Wishing you a long looooooooooooong years ahead oh! of doing great things and wonderful things oh!

Have a blessed day!

NaijaBloke said...

So u have been hiding ur birthday from us since and just came out with it ..u no wan make we come chop abi ..ok o..

Happy birthday and manny more yrs of happiness to come ..

U have a great day dear

Nilla said...

@ Anthony
you didn't know i was a celebrity..huh!!!..thats incredulous!...what planet have you been residing in...LOL LOL LOL.
Party venue: Cali :-)
Thanxxx for remembering...

@ Mack
LOL @ pinata...don't know about the cheese thingy, but I'm definetely a pizza girl.

@ LondonBuki & Ijebuman
thanxxxxx a lot :-)

@ Chxta
....many more years of joy, peace (and the list continues) :-)

@ Naijadude
Thanxxxxxxx you're finally back from exile?

@ NaijaBloke
Ermm...I'm just greedy like
Didn't hide nada :-)

@ everyone
Amen to all the prayers.

Nkem said...

Happy Birthday. There are so many of you Christmas people in the blogosphere...

Naijadude said...

Not really on exile ma'am. I replied you on my blog saying I got knocked down by the cold/cough going all around, but I am strong in Jesus' Name!

What did you do for your Bday?

Jaycee said...

Happy birthday girlie..u're a very special person and I KNOW special things are going to happen to you sooner than you know it. Can I get ur autograph??? Lolll...

(May God increase you like He did for Jabez on this special day of your life).

Jaycee said...

Happy birthday Denzel...u're too hot mayne! @ Nilla, I'm counting the think its abt 15 hours right now...

Nilla said...

@ Nkem
Yeah we're everywhere and we rock..LOL

@ Naijadude
But Sir you've been on exile from my blog..LOL.
Don't mind me jare i saw your reply. is WORK as usual for me, and i had this terrible cold since last night (getting better though..i think its all the love from all you gals and guyz {smiles}). I'm probably going to treat myself to a spa or something after work.
My bday is most times boring...cos everyone's travelled for the holiday..
But I'm looking forward to my weekend getaway to Cali for New Years.

@ Jaycee
Thanxxxxxxxxxx darling..
You always say the right things...and yes you can get an autograph LOL.
Make sure you dont fall asleep while you count've been warned lol.

Segun said...

Happy baiday to you, Nilla! Wishing you many more prosperous years ahead.

P. S. I'll be expecting my own chicken and other delicacies, through DHL, preferrably. :D

Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Awww...i'm 49 mins late( i'm a nigerian so wot did u expect?) i'm going to say it anyway.Happy birthday, hope ur day was lovely and may ur every wish come true.

Nilla said...

@ Segun
I'll process your order ASAP :-)

@ *mofope*
Also you're not late...I still have 4 more hours to go over here.

azuka said...

Happy birthday, babe.

Sorry I came late. Been busy....

Why do some things strike when it's time to enjoy ourselves. I hope the cold leaves soon...

Nilla said...

@ Azuka
Don't mind the yeye cold oh!.

Naija Vixen said...

happy bday, that make s u d 3rd person i knw, only dt i dnt knw whose bday is happy bday ....ooh we r one wk old r u now??lol

Naija Vixen said...

n take care of ur cold...pele!!

david said...

awwwwwwwwww i cant believe i missed your birthday of all days! Its criminal that you did not tell me lol!

Happy birthday girl. I wish you the very best that life has to offer and another prosperous yr!

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

Happy belated b'day missy. May the Lord perfect all that concerns u and grant u ur heart's desire according to his will- Amen. U're sounding waaaay too familiar, hmmm... Better watch ur back

Vera Ezimora said...

Happy belated birthday, Nilla! Wish you all the best life has to offer. May God bless and guide you, and may all your heart's desires be fulfilled in Jesus' name - Amen.

Nilla said...

@ Naijavixen
how old? read the post...LOL

@ David
ha ha is criminal that you didn't stop by nothwithstanding (just kidding).
Thanxx and Amen!

@ Cherub
Thanxxx and Amen! come i keep sounding familar to you? its becoming scary...LOL
What am i supposed to watch my back for??

@ Vera
Thanxxxx and Amen!