Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Poem-athon (4)

A continuation of the series of poems by friends. See previous Poem-athon (3)

Love’s Wits - by Macalurs

Love has its degrees and extents.
A man might not be hooked yet
But when he feels even once
That tugging in his stomach
The appreciation for someone
He got the pretty tiny little whiff
And he should be good to go
With his luck in one hand
And his guts in the other

Copyright © 2006 Macalurs


Jaycee said...

This poem is weird in a very weird way...lollll...

Anonymous said...

got me shreiking. WIERD!!??

Nilla said...

huh! it isn't weird to moi.

boorish male said...

Nicely written, this thing called love had inspired so many emotions in people; euphoria, hatred, malice etc. I hope to experience it one day...

Nilla said...

@ boorishmale,
you left out joy and
Don't worry you will :-)

Naijadude said...

lovely written hun!

You need to teach me some poetry writing skills eh!

Nilla said...

@ Naijadude,
Dear, you know the poems in the poem-athon series are not thanx on behalf of Macalurs.
Ok your first lessons. I got this link, Writing Poetry from my friend.
hehehe..told you I was gonna convert you, RIGHT!!
LOL :-)

iGwatala said...

Nilla, I was here. Still waiting to read my poem here. :D


Nilla said...

@ IGwatala,

thanx for dropping by :-)

Don't worry soon,I'm working on it :-)

Anonymous said...

Nilla, stopped in here again. it seems you's ... yeah yeah it's christmas. Though christmas' always been pathetic since I moved here. Christmas in Niaja feels much different, but then that's just me. When you have the time, put more poems on, I stop in here often mind you. ((smiles)) Have a merry one. macalurs.