Wednesday, December 6, 2006

My first 3 poems

I remember taking poetry classes in secondary school and hating it, but now I'm addicted to poetry (nice, captivating and interesting ones). I disliked poems then because most of the ones I read were either too complicated (forgive my simple or just boring.
My re-introduction to poetry happened in
Nairaland, but thats a story for another day (hopefully).

Anyways, here are my first 3 poems. Right now I'm still an amateur, but getting better :-)


Oh hail Nigeria
Land of multiple languages
Land of multiple cultures
Land of variety and diversity

You may say its troubled
You may say there is no hope for it
But I urge you, think again
For its the dawn of a new era

No other place would you find such uniqueness
People are happy regardless of adversity
Grace, style and perseverance is their hidden name
Always colorful in exotic outfits

Oh hail Nigeria, my home
Can't love any other like i love you
Love undisputed
Value priceless.

This second one was a dedication to the poets on a particular thread in Nairaland.


Remembering how dull life past was
Only to discover the beauty of poetry
Truly a wondrous delight

Sometimes it leaves my eyes with tears
Sometimes it leaves my lips with a smile
Sometimes it even leaves me ecstatic
But every time my day is refreshed
As I begin to look at things with an artists eye

So I say thanks to all
For adding something good in my life
You have given me a taste of poetry
And now I can’t live without it.


Looking up and pondering
With broken hearts and broken spirits
Its been a struggle
Sighs heard all around
Waiting, hoping and praying for that day
When pain, suffering and hunger would be history

Looking up again
This time with dizzy eyes
Barely seeing the bird
Idle gaze suddenly disrupted . . .
A dove with an Olive branch
At last it will be well

Will be posting more of my poems (as i write them) and also those of my friends (once approved by them ofcourse).


Donzman said...

Poetry=Bore. I understand some people enjoy it though but Donzman enjoys nothing but simple words. Words coated with sugar and whipped cream, obesity!

iGwatala said...

Hi Nilla,

It's funny that my very first poems too had Nigeria in them. It amazes me considering how much the country knocks us all around.

Keep this up cos I'd be back to read more from you. Be cool.

wicked said...

I wasn't really into poetry myself. I mean it was alright but I wasn't really into it hard. Anyway, I was going threw some relationship problems last year and I decided to start writing out my anger and sadness about it. I realized that they keep coming out in poem form so I just kept writing in this manner.

You can read them in my blog. I will surely keep coming back here. Us novice poetics need to stick together for encouragement. Smiles..

Nilla said...

@ Donzman
I used to feel that way too, so i understand you. If i can be converted, you can too :-)

It really does knock us down, but somehow I guess i've come to the realization that thats my only home.
Don't worry i plan to keep on writing.

@ Wicked,
It does relieve stress too. Thanx for stopping by girl. i'm adding you to my list and would mos def be reading your poems too.

azuka said...

I love reading poems. I've been trying to strongarm Queenzy into doing more writing but she won't budge.

I stopped writing poetry when I was 12, and I've found I can't do any more poetry writing. It's so frustrating...

Nilla said...

Pele... But you write well, I wonder why poems should be hard now...maybe you don't really have the time now or just a different phase in your life :-(

Naijadude said...

Arrrrrrrrrrrgh! Poetry can send me over the cliff! Kill me first! But that was a good poetry from you!

But u get time writing about Nigeria oh!

Nilla said...

@ Naijadude
You've not seen anything yet. I'm out to convert all of you...(evil laughter)... you will appreciate poetry by
thanx for the comment anyways :-)
And yes i have time for Naija :-)

Oracle said...

These are really great poems.
I particularly Love the third one titled PEACE, Itz a great poem written with just the right words.
Keep up the good work girl

Nilla said...

@ Oracle,
thanxxxxx. that means a lot to me.

Oracle said...

I think I'm beginning to feel what the guys are feeling, i find it hard to write now and even if i force myself to, i feel itz not good enough to be published.

Imaginative writing requires some kinda inspiration