Friday, December 15, 2006


Ok surreal is not really the word I was looking for, but I guess it’s just going to have to work…

How surreal is Cyberspace?

Apart from Online Forums where you get to fight and make friends with a couple of people, you have the ever increasing bloggers…about 60 million now!

Blogosphere / Blogsville / Blogsburg… (Whatever you choose to call it)
Can you imagine the number of people you bond with, known or unknown?
Do you realize that someone dropping a comment on your blog or just reading your blog is probably going to be the president of some country, first lady of some sort, the next big thing, etc? Wow it’s almost unreal. Some might remember that they actually came in cyber-contact with this person in the past, while some might not.

Do you guys ever click on the “next blog” link on your navigation bar? I actually do that at least once a day (I call it: checking on my “at-the-moment neighbors”), and I’ve seen a Portuguese blog, an Arabic blog amongst others. But there are some disadvantages to seeing who your neighbor is – some blogs have annoying pop-ups. So I don’t think I’d be doing much of that anymore.

Blogsburg is surreal and its powerful.


Bella Naija said...

I totaly feel u girl.
The blog world is just crazy.
Some months ago, I only knew like 5 nigerian its exploded! hundreds - photoblogs, poetry etc...
It really makes me proud.
Anyway, this is my first time on ur blog...I'm lovin the poetry.

Keep it up...ciao

Nilla said...

Well its an honor for me to have you pass by :-)....
Before i knew anything about blogging i had come across your blog a couple of months ago, while searching for something on naija (can't remember what it was). I was impressed then, and I'm still impressed now. So keep up the good work girl.

Naija Vixen said...

hey girl, thanx 4 d luv!!! i knw bloggin world is so err one needs an outlet

Nilla said...

@ Naija Vixen
You're welcome :-)

overwhelmednaijababe said...

That's so true.. but I just wonder oh how come you knew I had that kind of political ambition ehn?! It's fantastic the things that people write and think about all over the world.. i mean the differences from mine, the similarities.. it's just amazing and I'm just glad to be a part of it cos i share and learn at the same time. Your blog by the way is fantastic!

Jaycee said...

Yeah, I didn't know anything abt blogging, but I love writing inspirational stuff and I think I came across Adaure's blog one time like dat, and I thought it was fun to blog and started mine...besides blogging gives you an avenue to bring out ur personality and even to learn more abt urself. Have u noticed that NO TWO PEOPLE have the same blogging ideas? Makes u feel the world is crazily beautiful! Everyone's blog looks different, which makes it more interesting!

Nilla said...

@ Overwhelmed..
Wonder no more cos I'm psyhcic..LOL
Yeah girl, the differences and similarites are really amazing.
Thanx..about my blog being fantastic :-)

@ Jaycee
lol at crazily beautiful...but your right, it is!

Naijadude said...

I know what you are talking about right there. Sometimes its just weird that out there, someone you dont know, dont have the slightest idea of what they look like tend to bond with you sorta, shares common ideas and insight with you, yet you dont know this person. It is weird.

Now that you recognised me as the president on the country I will be coming here often :D!!!
**you know I will always do even though you take over from Condi Rice***

Have a great weekend, hun!!

Nilla said...

@ Naijadude
LOL @ recognizing you as the president of the country; and LOL @ taking over from Ms. Rice :-)

You have a great weekend too.

Segun said...

Everyone must drop a comment on my blog now, for I am going to be Nigeria's next president!!! lol.

Well seriously, I've always thought of this same thing too, though not really pertaining to blogs/bloggers, but people I meet online generally. Most times, I wonder what happens to those who never come online anymore.

Anyway, such is life. :D

Nilla, thanks for the comment u dropped on my blog. Really appreciate it. ;)

Nilla said...

How many presidents are we having now!!!!...LOL

@ Segun
You're welcome :-)